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Chat on video with random people and strangers

Chatruletka Video Chat is a popular messaging app or chat roulette service. Introduced in the Runet area for Russian-speaking countries, the video chat application instantly became popular among users around the world.

While the program is free to use, it comes with strict policies to keep clean feeds. The information is kept anonymous, and the user can personally reveal details to the other person. The concept has been picking up in reputation, and you can find various alternatives like Omegle, ToTok, Houseparty, and more.

Roulette-style random matching for video chats

To use this video chat app, you need to download the program and click the ‘Start’ button. That’s all! A randomly selected user will join you on the platform. In case your phone’s mic malfunctions or doesn’t work, you can continue the chat via text. The Chatruletka download lets you change the size, appearance, and other parameters of the application. You only need to tap on the other person’s video or rotate the device.

What can you do with Chatruletka Video Chat?

The program has been able to garner attention among users across the globe. Chatruletka lets you make friends from different parts of the world, and finds interesting people to talk about different subjects.

If you’re a shy person, never do well in making friends or acquaintances, or don’t like to start up conversations, you’ll definitely like this video chat app. With this program, there’s no need to figure out a way to introduce yourself. With a single click of a button, you can join a discussion forum or chat room

Most people prefer to be creative to make experiences more memorable. For instance, you can play with your pet, wear bright clothes, play some music for strangers, and perform other tasks on-screen. 

With some tiny details and imagination, you can keep strangers hooked to your feed. In case you don’t like the ‘match’, you can easily, conveniently, and without giving any explanations, switch to another person with a single click. Until you find someone suitable, the video chat lets you browse through multiple chat rooms.

A lot of users in Chatruletka like to express themselves. As such, they sing songs, read poems, play instruments, do some magic, etc. Occasionally, you may come across a great performance by a complete stranger.

What’s the purpose of Chatruletka Video Chat?

The secure messaging app is the perfect choice for talking to someone, expressing yourself, or simply pouring your heart out. Most introverts find this video chat roulette interesting, and keep coming back to talk to more people. You can tell other people as much as you want, including your name, physical location, etc. The app keeps interactions anonymous, and it’s up to you to share any information you’d want with the other party.

Is Chatruletka Video Chat safe?

To ensure your safety, Chatruletka download comes with some security features. For instance, the app works with 24-hour moderators, who keep a check on feeds and interactions. In case a person behaves inappropriately or offensively, you can report the account, and the moderators ban the person instantly.

Since no one can see your personal data, you don’t have to worry about other people reaching out to you on different platforms. Having said that, the app implements the ban policy quite ferociously, and some users get banned for no apparent reason. To get an account unblocked, the user needs to pay a nominal amount.

Our take

Chatruletka takes an interesting concept and combines it with various features and functionalities. The simple interface lets you join a chat room easily and doesn’t need a steep learning curve. Moderating influences, anonymous profiles, and various discussion forums make this video chat application a good choice. Unfortunately, frequent bans could be a deterrent.

Should you download it?

Chatruletka Video Chat is a popular service, which lets you have video chats with people across the world. The application doesn’t need a subscription or payment. 

Since its release, the program counts among the most popular video chat apps for Russian-speaking countries. However, other countries have begun to pick up on it. Using this app based on the Chatroulette concept, you can get in touch with girls and guys from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and other places.


  • Keeps your information anonymous
  • Comes with an active community of moderators
  • Implements a strict ban policy to clean feeds
  • Supports discussion groups


  • Needs payment to unlock account after ban

Chatruletka - Video Chatfor Android


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