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Affordable message and call app

TextNow is a communication app that runs as a mobile virtual network operator. It uses other cellular channels to provide coverage for your smartphone, making communication services more affordable. While it resembles traditional messaging apps, the principles behind it target different demographics.

A cheaper option

While WiFi and data plans are ubiquitous nowadays, and apps like WhatsApp let you communicate seamlessly, you sometimes need a cheaper option. 

That’s what TextNow offers. The unlimited calls and text messages supported by ads are available 100% free-of-charge. The free plan works throughout the US and Canada, but the fees for calling international numbers are also reasonably priced, and you can earn credits by watching ads.

If you’re ready to pay, you could have an affordable ad-free experience, too. Two available plans include data and boast competitive rates. 

All you need is a device and a SIM card with an active phone number. It makes this an excellent option for a second phone if you have an old device lying around. 

A familiar UI

TextNow resembles other messaging apps available today, with a straightforward user interface and all essential messaging elements. The options include making and receiving phone calls, sending texts, pictures, emojis, stickers, and recording video and voice messages. 

Advanced functions include call transcripts and conference calls. You can synchronize your messages after you download the app on several devices, too.

Reliability issues

The quality of calls through this app isn’t the highest. They can glitch and drop entirely sometimes. Moreover, there’s security to worry about, as some users report getting spam calls from random numbers while using it. 

Our take

TextNow is an excellent app if you’re looking to keep your phone bills at a minimum. It offers a lot of value for money as long as you’re okay with some level of instability.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you need an affordable call plan or only want to communicate within the US and Canada. However, if you have stable WiFi, you might be better off with an alternative such as Viber or Telegram.

TextNowfor Android

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