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Let your voice be heard with Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an invite-only social network that lets users chat to each other using audio-only. The app has various themed rooms where users can chat about topics that interest them. The app can be downloaded and used for free, but an invitation from an existing user is required to get access.

No text, just voice

The Clubhouse application doesn't allow users to send text messages, post pictures, or share videos. Instead, the app works like a conversation between a group of people and voice messages are the only method of communication that is available. The app is easy to use and offers various rooms with different topics so that users can find likeminded users and topics that interest them easily.

Access by invite only

Not just anyone can join Clubhouse. Unlike other communication applications like Discord and Slack, the app is not open to the general public. You can download the app and reserve a 'handle', but you can only join the conversation by invitation from an existing Clubhouse user.

Our take

Clubhouse is an exciting application that offers a different take on messaging and social interaction. The app is a good space for creative thinkers and visionaries to express their thoughts and ideas, but it also offers a space for friends to have a casual chat. The invite-only approach is keeping the app exclusive but it will eventually open to the public.

Should you download it?

Every existing Clubhouse user is issued with two invitations that they can send to friends who will then be allowed to join the app. However, you can still download the app without an application and join the waiting list to use the app when it becomes open to the general public. Clubhouse is an interesting application, even if the features are pretty basic.


  • Provides an interesting space to share ideas.
  • Can be used by large groups of people.
  • The invitation-only approach is unique.


  • Access by invitation only.
  • Limited amount of users.
  • Very basic functionality.

Clubhousefor Android


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