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Clubhouse for Android is a free audio-only social application where you can join other users' rooms and begin chatting instantly. Following anyone is a quick task, showing you the rooms they're in and allowing you to join them to talk. The app has hosted various talks with celebrities, and many of these rooms have maxed out the 5,000 member room limit.

The application is highly similar to Discord or Stereo but offers a minimalistic experience. As a social app, the software is mediocre and can easily be replaced. However, due to the usage of celebrities, the application offers a new way to tune into your favorite talk shows or discussions.

Social in your pocket

Clubhouse is a lightweight and minimalist application that combines the podcast and social experience. All rooms have a limit of 5,000 members and can have limits set on who the speakers are. The service downgrades the social aspect into audio-only, eliminating feeds filled with hundreds of messages and the need for servers.

Meet new people

Clubhouse is a great way to find and meet strangers online, however, it requires sharing your real name. You can join and listen to banter as you work, or host your own room and begin discussing your own passions. If you find a user you like, simply give them a follow, and you can join them in any room they enter.

Discover new rooms

The hallway is an easy way to view the feed of new rooms you can join, showing who's in them and what the room is about. Entering a room is as quick as tapping a button, and you can view how many listeners are in beforehand. 

Tapping on the room for information shows more details, including who the speakers are following. This feature is a quick and easy way to find more speakers that you'll enjoy listening to.

Our take

Clubhouse is an excellent idea as an app for chatting with strangers around the world. Unfortunately, when compared to already established services, the app fails to shine through with the few unique features it offers. However, the software allows you to find strangers and join them in conversation or listen in more easily than any alternative.

Should you download it?

No. Many well-established alternatives offer much of the same features, such as Discord.


  • Easy to access casual conversations
  • Talk to anyone from around the world
  • No requirement to talk in conversations


  • Doesn’t support all Android devices (requires Android 8.0 or newer)

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Clubhousefor Android


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