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Signal is a free mobile message application whereby you can send encrypted messages that vanish after a specific time. The communication is instant and includes videos, images, and calls. Since it’s a non-profit app, you won’t see any tracking or adverts.

What is the Signal app used for?

The encrypted Signal application for Android is a secret messaging system designed to protect your privacy. Whisper Systems launched two programs in 2010: TextSecure for written chats and RedPhone for calls.  These two apps merged in 2014 to become Signal, with the Whatsapp co-founder Brian Acton and Marlinspike acquiring it in 2018. Today, it’s still used as one of the most secure communication systems.

Is Signal app really safe?

Thanks to its end-to-end encryption, Signal is one of the safest messaging apps available for Android. In essence, it sends a communication in such a manner that only the receiver’s device can access it. Not only is the government unable to read it, but even the parent company has no means to view it.

Does Signal show your phone number?

The only data available to you are the contacts on your mobile phone. Signal doesn’t make it its business to obtain or use your stored phone numbers in any way. The only way anyone can discover your number is when you message them or make a call, but the app doesn’t share your number without your permission.

Does Signal use a lot of data?

Since Signal doesn’t use MMS or SMS methods to communicate, you’ll use the standard data for sending texts, images, videos, or video calling your friend. It can be anywhere above 500 MB per hour, depending on how active you are and the media you send. It usually triggers this usage when the app wakes up.

Send secret messages without a trace

In today’s world of government domination and lack of privacy, it’s challenging to find a messaging app that officials don’t spy on for inappropriate conversations. Fortunately, Signal hasn’t given in to the pressure of revealing contacts and encrypted messages. For how long it will enjoy this freedom, only time will tell. If you’re interested in checking out other messaging apps, you can try Telegram and Snapchat.


  • Send encrypted texts, images, and videos
  • Make secure phone calls
  • Vanishing messages
  • Hides contacts from outside eyes


  • Uses data for content

Also available in other platforms

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Signalfor Android


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