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Koo is a free social media platform that is available in Indian and English. It’s designed primarily for people of Indian heritage. This app is a powerful tool if you’re attempting to learn Hindi. The application boasts many features that other alternatives lack.

India in mind

The Koo social media platform has Indian languages such as Hindi in mind, thanks to its design. While this is a significant deterrence for anyone who can’t speak any of the languages, learners can still find use in this app. By immersing yourself in the culture and messages from real people, you can learn more than simple sentences from a textbook.

Post with ease

The Koo app is straightforward and easy to use thanks to the intuitively-designed interface. It has a search feature to find users to follow, a post button to make comments, and more.

Follow celebrities and more

With this application, you can follow many well-known Indian personalities such as Sadhguru Kannada and Dr. Ashwath Narayan. Other celebrities you can find include Bollywood actors and actresses, journalists, politicians, and athletes. Finding these icons is easy as one quick search.

Text, video, or audio

Koo allows you to post messages in various ways that are normally more restricted on other social media platforms. When selecting the method of sending your message, you can choose to type it up, send a voice message, or upload a video. This variety of options makes the app even more useful to learners and helps anyone of Indian heritage gain a sense of community.

Our take

Overall, the Koo application is a powerful way to connect people of Indian heritage through their mother tongue. As a social media platform, it is similar to Twitter and Instagram but offers more features. The app is also ideal for anyone attempting to learn Hindi, Marathi, and other Indian languages.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you speak Hindi or are attempting to learn the language, installing this application is a great way to immerse yourself.


  • Post updates quickly
  • Follow well-known figures
  • Post with text, audio messages, or videos


  • Smaller user base than other social media

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Koofor Android


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