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Telegram: A secure and powerful messaging app

Telegram is a messaging app that allows you to chat with friends and family, share photos and files, and make voice and video calls. It's like WhatsApp, but with some extra features, like the ability to send large files and create groups with up to 200,000 people.

What is Telegram usually used for?

People use Telegram to chat, share stuff like pictures and files, and have private or group voice/video calls. You can also do public livestreams. It works on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and web browsers.

Why might someone choose to use Telegram?

Telegram is a messaging app. People like it because you don't need a phone number to use it. Some folks prefer it for its extra security options, like Secret Chats. But, remember, you have to turn on that feature—it's not automatic.

Why use Telegram instead of WhatsApp?

You can talk to people on Telegram even if you don't have their phone number. This keeps your number private. Also, Telegram gives you lots of space to store messages, media, and documents in the cloud.

Is Telegram safer than WhatsApp?

Telegram is getting popular for being a secure messaging app, especially if you use Secret Chat with end-to-end encryption. It's a good choice for private messages.

What are the special features of Telegram?

Check out these cool features—you might want to try them:

  • Fix and change pictures after sending them.
  • Edit videos.
  • Make your Telegram messages self-destruct.
  • Organize your chats into folders.
  • Delete messages whenever you want.
  • Send messages without making a sound.
  • Schedule messages.
  • Translate messages.

Best Telegram alternatives

Below you can see some popular alternatives to Telegram:


Owned by Facebook, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps globally. It offers end-to-end encryption for messages, voice calls, and video calls.


Known for its strong focus on privacy, Signal is an open-source messaging app with end-to-end encryption. It's highly regarded for its security features.


Viber is another messaging app that provides free text, voice, and video calls. It also supports group chats and has features like stickers and multimedia sharing.


Widely used in China, WeChat combines messaging with social media and payment services. It supports voice and video calls, as well as a range of other functionalities.

Remember that the popularity and features of messaging apps can change over time, so it's a good idea to check for the latest information and user reviews before choosing an alternative. Additionally, user preferences may vary, so the "best" alternative depends on individual needs and priorities.

Our take

Choosing between Telegram and WhatsApp depends on your preferences. If you value larger group chats, Telegram might be the more effective choice.

Should you download it?

Yes. Telegram is a powerful tool for communicating with large groups. Its capability to send large video files makes it efficient for sharing content.


  • No phone number required
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Large file support
  • Groups with up to 200,000 people
  • Available on all devices


  • Not as popular as WhatsApp
  • Some features require manual setup
  • Lacks some features

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

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