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Instant messages, but in a safe way

Telegram is a user-friendly app that offers excellent privacy and security. An encrypted connection enables messages to self-destruct, giving you complete privacy. Send multimedia files and enjoy instant responses.

The Whatsapp alternative


Telegram is an instant messaging app that connects you to your contacts in real-time. Enjoy group chat with up to 100 participants at the same time.

Similar to Whatsapp, Telegram offers more security when sending instant messages to contacts. One of the main focuses of Telegram is that the developers do not sell or share user data at all. You can enjoy endless messaging with no in-app advertising.

Send up to 1GB of video files at one time to friends and family around the world. Make sure family members don’t miss out on precious moments when they are far away. You can choose to send a batch of photos at once to save time.

For a more personal touch, send a voice recorded message to contacts near and far. For users with a bit more time, create your stickers by following the instructions in the app. However, get used to the color and configuration of Telegram, because modifying it is not an option.

Telegram is growing very quickly. However, because of its lack of popularity, most other messaging apps have dominated the market. It’s unlikely that many of your close contacts use the application.

Regular chats offer the client to server encryption while secret chats offer end-to-end encryption for increased security. This keeps communication you have with others away from prying eyes. The backup method is also safe, it’s just a little more simple than alternatives.

Where can you run this program?

This program runs on Android devices, using version 9.0.

Is there a better alternative?

No. While Whatsapp does have a larger user base, the two apps are very similar. Telegram does claim to offer added security.

Our take

Choosing to use Telegram or Whatsapp is a matter of preference. Telegram does allow larger groups for group chats, making it more effective.

Should you download it?

Yes. This tool is effective for speaking to large groups of contacts at one time. Large video files can be sent, making it as efficient as a sharing app.


  • Free to download
  • Fast message delivery


  • Limited backup option
  • Can’t modify interface

Telegramfor Android


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