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Free business messaging platform

Small business owners have much to look forward to with WhatsApp's platform for business. Available for Android, the application is free to download. Offering you professional messaging tools, a company profile, and free international calls, communicating with your customer contacts is a breeze with WhatsApp Business.

The development of business API

When Facebook acquired WhatsApp they assured their users that the application would remain free and without advertisements. The thinking behind the API was to offer a corporate service to existing users. You are given services to sort, order, and automate responses to customers which streamlines client interaction. Similar Android services, including Line, Zoom, and ShoutOUT give you more variety than needed and require you to learn a new interface.

Real-world requirements

If security and confidentiality are what you’re looking for, this app is secured with end-to-end encryption and has over 2 billion users worldwide. Alternative apps specifically tailored to ‘Businesses’ are loaded with features making it a more complicated way of communicating, but not WhatsApp Business. It offers a single plan for small businesses and a broader selection for larger businesses.

Our take

Compared to rivals, you may find a torrent of similar products. The most important aspect to consider is what platform your clientele mostly uses. WhatsApp is an accessible product with simple plans and reliable infrastructure ensuring an efficient service.

Should you download it

Other platforms provide more substance for various organizations. Managing your communication with your customer is key to success, but the paid service doesn’t translate into equitable expenditure. You can use the normal service to manage client expectations without the need for API due to the minor differences in services


  • Familiarity of user interface
  • More than 2 billion users globally


  • Too few service plans
  • Billing plans limited to ‘per message’ service
  • Limited number of message partners

WhatsApp Businessfor Android

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