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Omegle Chat started its life as an anonymous text-only service but now includes video chat. Users can select between talking to a random stranger or finding someone with similar interests. If you like the idea of meeting new people, Omegle could be for you.

Chat apps

Even though there are plenty of messaging services to choose from, ones that focus on anonymous chat are less common. Some, like Shagle, encourage adult chat. Others, like OmeTV, focus on video chat. Emerald is one of the few that offers a polished alternative to Omegle’s scrappy user experience. 

Omegle’s features

Omegle is available for all Android devices and functions the same way as its parent website. You can choose to start a text or video chat with a random stranger, or you can enter a few of your interests to get paired with someone with similar tastes. 

If you enter a college email address (that you’ll then need to verify), you’ll get paired with another college student. Otherwise, there’s very little control over the types of people you can meet. The video chat is supposedly monitored, yet it also has an unmoderated section.

Online safety

If you’re using an app that lets you chat with a random stranger, there’s always going to be the risk of less savory people appearing. Omegle does have a disclaimer stating that anyone under 18 should only use the app under the supervision of a responsible adult. No one under 13 should ever use the chat service. 

It’s just not the kind of app children should be using. Omegle even notes that predators have been known to abuse it. The app does let you report another user, though. Clicking the menu in the top right of a chat brings up various options, including the ability to report explicit images and messages.

Our take

Omegle doesn’t offer the option to save chats, so once you’ve closed a conversation, it’s gone. There’s undoubtedly a thrill to starting a chat with a random stranger, but the lack of proper moderation and enforceable guidelines makes Omegle a risky app to try.

Should you download it?

No. There are better, safer alternatives out there.


  • The chance to make new friends


  • Unmoderated chat
  • No one is enforcing the app’s Terms and Conditions
  • Easy for children to use unsupervised

Omegle Chatfor Android


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