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Free beauty and filter camera editor

B612 is a free photo editor and filter app that lets you add filters and special effects to your pictures. You can choose from over 50 filters, beauty effects, and photo edits. 

Enhance your beauty

B612 can distort your face, turn you into an animal with its facial recognition stickers, or enhance your beauty with special effects. You can also add make-up to your face and remove unwanted pigmentations or background items. You can even draw special effects while taking a video. 

You can add filters not only to selfies but to wallpapers and background photos as well. Additionally, you can alter the brightness, contrast, and saturation of an image. It boils down to the effect you’re trying to reach, not only with your appearance but also the rest of the image.

B612 added features

B612 is also a user-friendly app with a simple yet beautiful interface and design. You can download the app from any app store like Google Play, the Galaxy Store, Uptodown, and more. 

Like Snapchat and Sweet Face Camera, you can also use B612 to add cute or funny wigs, ears, noses, and glasses. or even make it look like there’s someone sitting in your pocket. You can make collages with up to 9 photos. The app also has a timer to take full-body selfies from far away, and a tilt-shift filter to adjust the depth of field. After editing, you can share your images on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or whatever social media app you use. 

Our take

We prefer natural pictures, but who’s to say you can’t have fun with your images by adding a dash of fantasy? Everyone enjoys playing with features to change their appearance, as is evident in the latest craze called Avatarify. While B612 primarily focuses on your looks to beautify you, there’s no reason you can’t have some fun with it.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy photography and playing around with your pictures, making yourself look prettier, and adding a little fancy fun to your next selfie, then this app is just for you.


  • The app is free and easy to use
  • You can choose from over 50 filters
  • Choose from a variety of borders and effects
  • You can create collages with your pictures
  • Share your selfies on social media


  • You cannot edit already existing photos

Program available in other languages

B612for Android


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