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AI face animator app for free

Have you wondered what it would be like to hear your voice come out of the face of a famous person, portrait, or even your pet, then Avatarify is for you. This free app uses artificial intelligence to superimpose a photo or picture on your face so that it matches up with your movements when you speak.

Face swap apps

Whether you use them for a quick giggle, to prank friends, or for online videos, face swap apps have seen a steady rise in popularity. Snapchat and Instagram have incorporated AI face swap technology for a while now, but it’s also possible to find standalone apps like MotionPortrait.

Avatarify is also a standalone app that works on any device running Android 4.2 and up. It uses similar neural network AI as the above apps and sites to ‘map’ another image onto your face so that it appears as if someone else is talking with your voice.

Enliven any chat

Since you can use Avatarify on your phone, it’s possible to record yourself as a wide variety of celebrities and then send the result in as a message. Surprise your work colleagues by pretending to be your boss or confound your friends with your baby’s incredibly complex ‘first words.’

How it works

If you’re familiar with the term ‘deep fake,’ then you already know what to expect. This phrase refers to footage where a face (and voice) is swapped with another person’s so it appears that you’re watching and hearing someone else. Avatarify takes this concept and puts it in the palm of your hand, thanks to AI face-mapping technology. 

The app layout is similar to rival software, where you have a choice of images to use as the base AI face. It’s possible to use your own photo, too, so that you can pretend to be a talking pet or child.

Our take

Avatarify is easy to use and looks impressive, but the only real reason to download it is to use your own photo as an AI face. The app is free, but then so are many competitors, and they’re more readily available from reputable online app stores.

Should you download it?

No. There’s undoubtedly some fun to be had using your own images, but the app is more of a brief diversion than something worthwhile.


  • Use your own photo
  • Streamlined interface


  • Doesn’t offer much else compared to many of its more reputable rivals
  • Not available in Google Play

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Avatarifyfor Android


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