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ToonMe is a free photo editing app that changes normal pictures into cartoon drawings. The service uses AI and facial recognition software to create these illustrations. The primary function is to create cartoon drawings or vector-based images in a visual style similar to Pixar’s CGI animation.


Although the app is initially free to download and use, there are extra features locked behind a monthly subscription. If you elect to purchase the subscription and are displeased, you can go to your Google Play account and cancel the membership. In the free version of this app, there are ads requesting you to purchase a monthly subscription, however, this is easily bypassed by closing the ad. 


ToonMe’s software includes a full-body cartoon image trace, as well as templates for vector image editing. Both features come with an expansive set of layouts and designs that add more life to the drawings.

These features are used to replicate a popular trend from early 2020 called the #ToonMe challenge. It uses various photo-editing apps to produce a cartoon version of yourself that displays it against a side-by-side photo that the drawing is based on.


Other similar apps to ToonMe are CreepyArtist and Photo Lab, all of which have are created by the same developer and publisher. CreepyArtist app is a Halloween-themed photo editor that performs similarly to the ToonMe app, but with a “creepy” vibe. On the other hand, Photo Lab app took the concept of ToonMe and CreepyArtist and ran further with it by offering more robust features.

Our take

ToonMe for Android is a specialized app designed for tracing photos into a cartoon or Pixar-style recreation. The app mimics the styles of various styles and artists. However, the app might be too limiting for the more creative users. If you want the full freedom to edit your cartoon, the Photo Labs app is a better alternative.

Should you download it?

Yes, the app is good for simple cartoon photo editing.


  • Free, Pro subscription available
  • Specialized


  • Occasional Glitches
  • Low customizability of Vector filter

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