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Selfie camera and photo editing app

Developed by Ufoto, Sweet Selfie is a popular app made for capturing selfies and editing them. There are plenty of exciting features for users to play around with, letting you edit your pictures professionally or just for fun.

Loads of fun features

Sweet Selfie has a lot of features. Users can freely crop and rotate their images, apply bright and colorful filters, choose from hundreds of stickers, and automatically or manually ‘tune’ their face or body. Do you want to create a collage of you and your friends? Sweet Selfie has many templates and grids to choose from!

Users can also adjust their pictures' brightness; change the saturation, contrast, and temperature; and sharpen them.

The app has also recently implemented a new feature that lets you create your own music templates. Users can mix their photos in short music videos and even mix images with videos and add their own music.

Content is mostly free, with reasonable prices.

This app is 100% free. While some features need to be purchased, you won’t need these to fully enjoy your experience. The premium features only add more fun options to all those already included for free. Of course, the premium features will make the app more enjoyable, giving you an edge over your family and friends who are trying to perfect the ideal selfie.


There are several alternatives on the market that provide similar features. While YouCam Perfect, FaceTune2, and B612 Camera deliver the same photo editing features, Avatarify turns your face into an Avatar with which you can have some fun. You can use celebrities, the president, your baby, or your pet and speak through their images with your voice.

Our take

Nowadays, there are many photo editing apps, but Sweet Selfie stands out due to its bright and colorful display. It’s easy to use and completely free to download!

Should you download it?

Yes. There are lots of features that range from simple to professional. Whether if you’re looking to do a quick touch-up of your images or add extra details, this app has it all.


  • Content is free
  • Plenty of features to choose from
  • No unnecessary sign-ups or logins


  • Unnecessary popup ads
  • The app may sometimes give you a black screen

Sweet Selfiefor Android


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