Voilà AI Artistfor Android

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Free mobile photo editor

Voilà AI Artist is a free photo editor application for Android like Avatarify and ToonMe where you can add special effects to your images. In this app, it transforms your photos into cartoon replicas of faces. It uses artificial intelligence for the task, and there are several themes you can select.

There’s a sense of entertainment and humor when it comes to the cartoon effects, so feel free to share it on social media platforms for your friends to have a laugh. There are popular cartoon themes to choose from, or the app can paint your face with Renaissance themes. 

Become a cartoon

For those who want to look like a cartoon, Voilà AI Artist has plenty of options for you to choose from with the free version. You can either take a new selfie or upload a photo. The one issue you may encounter is the app might have trouble detecting your face, so you may need to play with the lighting or move around before it works.

Play with themes

You can use several themes, such as picking an era like the 15th or 18th century. Some of the options include Handrawn Caricatures, Funny Cartoon, and Renaissance Painting. It uses machine learning and AI to transform your features into the selected output for the best cartoonish look. However, some tools are hidden in the free version. To unlock the hidden features, you will need to subscribe to the pro version of the app.

Share with friends

When you’ve achieved your goal of looking like a cartoon, you can share the image with friends and family. There’s a quick share button that will send it to your social media platform of choice. It guarantees a few good laughs and comments, as long as you don’t mind them making fun of you.

Our take

Voilà AI Artist is a fantastic app if you want to look like a 3D cartoon. Sure, the novelty of it will eventually wear off, but you and your friends will enjoy it while the fun lasts. It’s also an excellent option for a game night if you want to light up the conversation with something entertaining.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re keen to look like a cartoon and engage with your friends in some laughter.


  • Stunning themes and options
  • Quickly share on social media
  • Various modes you can choose


  • Struggles to detect faces at times
  • Top features locked behind paywall

Program available in other languages

Voilà AI Artistfor Android

3.4 (385)

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