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A free photo editor

AirBrush is a free photo editor for all the selfies you take and upload to social media. The application is easy and quick to use, making enhancing your pictures a straightforward process. The downside, however, is the frequent interruptions from advertisements.

Enhances your selfies

The primary use of AirBrush is to spice up and enhance your selfies before sharing them on any of your social media pages. The blemish and pimple remover is an ideal tool if you're suffering from a breakout in any of your photos. This utility covers up any unsightly marks in seconds.

Additionally, the application offers a feature that brightens your eyes and shines your teeth for the picture. AirBrush helps you achieve a flawless smile but can whiten and polish any other pale surfaces in your selfies. The app is simple and won’t leave you asking, ‘how to use AirBrush.’

Variety of tools and filters

AirBrush offers a wide range of tools and filters to choose from while enhancing your pictures. One example is ‘Blur,’ which can retouch and add depth to your images. The professionally designed filters will add the finishing touch to any selfie. Additionally, there are a variety of HD editing features available.

Instantly share it on social media

One handy feature from AirBrush is its ability to share pictures to social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram directly from the application itself. As soon as you finish editing your photos, you can post them to social media instantly. 

Advertisements aplenty

While the application is safe to use and doesn't install any malicious code, it isn't free of advertisements. Ads can pop up at almost any time, and it’s easy to accidentally click on them. However, you can purchase premium features that include no advertisements.

Our take

AirBrush is a handy application if you frequently tackle selfies and matches up well against similar apps for PC. The alternatives, Selfix and Remini, are robust and easy to use but offer less intrusive advertisements. There are plenty of filters to apply and a wide selection of tools to choose from when editing photos.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you're looking for a simple way to touch up your selfies quickly before posting them online, this app is a practical choice even with all the ads.


  • Revolve blemishes and pimples
  • Whiten teeth
  • Apply filters
  • Instant sharing access


  • Lots of ads

Program available in other languages

AirBrushfor Android


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