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InShot is a free and powerful video editing tool

InShot stands as an all-in-one video editor and maker that resonates with both beginners and seasoned content creators. This powerful tool provides a comprehensive range of features designed to elevate your video and photo editing experience, making it a go-to choice for social media influencers, vloggers, and anyone seeking high-quality content creation.

Everything you need to about InShot 

InShot isn't just another editing app; This versatile tool boasts professional-grade features, making it a seamless choice for creating engaging content across platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, and Facebook. With its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities, including:

  • AI-powered enhancements: Dive into the magic of AI with instant presets that transform your images and videos with just a tap. From body effects to automatic background removal, InShot harnesses AI to simplify and enhance your editing process.
  • Seamless editing: Trim, merge, and compress video clips without compromising quality. Reverse videos, add text, emojis, exclusive stickers, music, and sound effects effortlessly.
  • Creative control: Adjust aspect ratios, control video speed, add voiceovers, apply custom keyframe animations, edit green screen footage with Chromakey, and create multi-layered videos with picture-in-picture functionality.
  • Dynamic filters and effects: Explore a plethora of cinematic filters, customizable video effects, and unique options like glitch, fade, noise, and weather effects. The AI effects, including clone, stroke, and auto-blur, add a touch of sophistication to your creations.
  • Photo editing: InShot doubles as a photo editor and collage maker, offering features like background addition, multiple ratios, stickers, and an easy-to-use photo grid collage maker.

 Its user-friendly interface, coupled with its extensive suite of features, caters to both amateur and professional content creators. Whether you're seeking to create basic videos or advanced assets like video collages, smooth slow-motion sequences, stop motion, or reverse videos, InShot can help you.

Is CapCut a good editing app?

Certainly! CapCut is a user-friendly and feature-rich video editing app that caters to both beginners and experienced editors. It offers a diverse set of editing tools, including advanced features like keyframe animations and speed control, all while being free to use. The app's simplicity, constant updates, and easy social media integration make it a popular choice for creating and sharing content across various platforms.

Does InShot support 4k?

Yes, InShot does support editing and exporting videos in 4K resolution. Users can create and export videos in high-definition quality, including 4K resolution (3840x2160 pixels), allowing for crisp and detailed visuals. This feature enables content creators to produce high-quality videos suitable for platforms and displays that support 4K playback.

Is InShot app for free?

You can download the InShot app for free. However, the free app leaves a watermark on your projects and only provides a limited number of tools and effects. 

If you want to access all the features available on the app, you need to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription to upgrade to InShot Pro. The app also lets you pay for individual tools to prevent you from paying a large sum just to use a single function. 

Best InShot alternatives 

Here are some alternatives to InShot for video and photo editing:

  • CapCut: A user-friendly editing app offering various features like trimming, merging videos, adding text, filters, and music. It's known for its simplicity and advanced editing capabilities.
  • Adobe Premiere Rush: This mobile and desktop app provides powerful editing tools, including multi-track timelines, customizable titles, and seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • KineMaster: Known for its professional-grade features, KineMaster offers multi-layer video editing, blending modes, voiceovers, and precise editing controls.
  • PowerDirector: Known for its powerful editing tools, PowerDirector offers a range of features such as 4K support, slow motion, and video stabilization.

Each of these alternatives has its strengths, catering to different editing preferences and skill levels. Depending on specific editing needs, any of these apps could be a suitable alternative to InShot.

Is InShot better than CapCut?

The choice varies according to your preferences and objectives. Opt for CapCut if you seek a sophisticated and professional video editing application that seamlessly integrates with TikTok videos. Alternatively, if you prefer a lively and imaginative video editing app tailored for Instagram and YouTube content, consider using InShot.

Can you trust InShot?

InShot is considered a reputable and trustworthy application for video and photo editing. It has garnered a substantial user base globally and is well-regarded for its ease of use, comprehensive features, and accessibility. 

Our take

InShot app packs a range of features in a minimalistic interface. With its help, you can create professional-looking videos and edit photographs. The program also boasts several enhancement tools, effects, filters, and transitions. The only drawback is that the app's learning curve becomes difficult to bypass without a robust tutorial. 

Should you download it?

If you’re looking for a free video editing tool that provides you with all the essential tools needed to create and publish high-end videos, you should download the InShots app. It delivers many tools suitable for videographers and influencers. In addition to this, the app also provides various flexible payment plans that let you access pro features. 


  • Free to download and use
  • Offers a range of video editing tools
  • Option to trim and merge videos
  • Suitable for beginners and experts


  • Watermark in the free version

Program available in other languages

Video Editor & Video Maker - InShotfor Android


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