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A free and powerful video editing tool

Video Editor And Video Maker - InShot is a free mobile application that you can download on your Windows to create or edit videos and photos. The program features an array of tools that can help you with all your editing requirements. It includes options like trim, effects, enhancements, audio editions, and transitions that turn home videos into professional-looking clips. Additionally, the app offers various advanced features that you can access by paying a small fee or subscribing to a monthly or yearly plan. 

An all-in-one solution for creating professional videos

Gone are the days when photographs captured user imagination. Short 15-to 30-second clips that include video footage or pictures have taken social media platforms by storm. These videos have different names - Instagram calls them ‘Reels’ and Facebook calls them ‘Stories’. However, the bottom line remains the same: more and more users are posting videos online and the demand for simple yet powerful video editing tools is increasing. 

An application that often tops the charts in this category is the InShot video editor. Available for free, the mobile app includes a range of features like video trimming, adding transitions and filters, creating video collages, and uploading music. 

With this one app, you can compile and create several videos suitable for social media platforms and professional use. In case you want to access advanced features and get rid of the watermark that appears on free creations, you can upgrade to the app’s premium version. 

What can users expect from the interface?

The Video Editor and Video Maker InShot app features a minimalistic interface that only works in portrait mode. It provides all its features in an accessible tray that sits on the bottom of the layout and consists of nested categories and options. You can easily upload multiple images and videos to start creating a collage or a video. Once uploaded, you can edit the clip as much as you want. 

What are the features of the InShot video app?

As mentioned above, InShot download includes all its features in a strip that you can scroll from right to left. This strip consists of all the necessary tools you would need to edit a picture or a video. That includes an option to crop images, trim the footage, delete unwanted segments, change the volume, duplicate sections, and accelerate or reverse clips. 

The application also lets you add filters and effects to all of your videos or images. The program also includes options like sharpen, saturation, tint, contrast, and brightness. In case you want to add a transition to each picture, you can do so easily with InShot. Since this is a video editor, primarily, the photo editing functionality is quite limited and lets you only edit one image at a time. 

Video Editor and Video Maker InShot APK provides users with various sound effects to add to their videos. These include tunes that might be popular on social media platforms. Apart from this, the app comes with text options, stickers, and additional functions like rotate, flip, and crop. While some of the effects, animations, and stickers are free, others remain stuck behind a paywall. 

Is InShot video editor free?

You can download the InShot app for free. However, the free app leaves a watermark on your projects and only provides a limited number of tools and effects. 

If you want to access all the features available on the app, you need to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription to upgrade to InShot Pro. The app also lets you pay for individual tools to prevent you from paying a large sum just to use a single function. 

Are there any alternatives?

Video Editor and Video Maker InShot features a range of tools and functions that make it one of the most go-to Android video editing tools. It doesn’t, however, offer a tutorial. This may deter users who are not extremely tech-savvy. 

In case you’d like to check out some InShot alternatives, you should explore apps like Alight Motion, PowerDirector, FilmoraGo, and Adobe Photoshop Express.

Our take

InShot app packs a range of features in a minimalistic interface. With its help, you can create professional-looking videos and edit photographs. The program also boasts several enhancement tools, effects, filters, and transitions. The only drawback is that the app's learning curve becomes difficult to bypass without a robust tutorial. 

Should you download it?

If you’re looking for a free video editing tool that provides you with all the essential tools needed to create and publish high-end videos, you should download the InShots app. It delivers many tools suitable for videographers and influencers. In addition to this, the app also provides various flexible payment plans that let you access pro features. 


  • Free to download and use
  • Offers a range of video editing tools
  • Option to trim and merge videos
  • Suitable for beginners and experts


  • Doesn’t have a tutorial

Video Editor & Video Maker - InShotfor Android


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