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ElfYourself is a free Android application for making customized videos of elves dancing with your face. It’s straightforward to use, cropping your face and setting a mouthline before you star in your own movie. There are a few free scenes to choose from, but most of the other available choices require a purchase or subscription.

Create holiday videos

ElfYourself is an ideal app to take your photo and create a funny video where you dance around with fellow elves. The software is easy to use, requiring a picture and selection of where your mouth is located. These videos are ideal for sharing with friends and family during the holiday season and are just a lot of fun to make.

Payment options

While the application itself is free, a large selection of the content requires purchases or a yearly subscription to be able to unlock for use. The annual subscription gives you access to all the scenes where you paste your face onto an elf. 

The app also gives you the choice of purchasing scenes individually, buying only the ones you want to use, and none of those you don't. This method is a simple way to save a bit of money when using ElfYourself.

AR features

The application supports augmented reality, bringing the elves to life as they dance around you. Record this moment and move around with the elves to create a fun, personalized Christmas card. This feature requires the phone to have a good camera and decent specifications for its AR tracking functions to work properly.

Free content

Every day, you can open the ElfYourself application to view a new selection of free content. This limited use is still a reason to download the app, as you can make and share your videos with friends, even if the scenes change each day. Adding on a message is another option available before sharing the video on social media or send directly to someone.

Our take

ElfYourself is an excellent application for creating funny Christmas videos where you, your friends, or your family members dance around as elves. It’s similar to JibJab and REFACE that also make movies or GIFs out of your pictures. However, buying a subscription is the best way to experience the application.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a fun way to make Christmas cards or create memories with your friends and family, this is a great app.

ElfYourselffor Android


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