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A safer way to chat

Telegram is one of the most reliable ways to send messages. Whether to friends and coworkers about your personal issues, favorite celebrity, or that big business project everyone’s working on.

Encrypted communication

Secure your messaging with Telegram, using your phone number to create a text chat identification that’s safe and private.

In the old days a telegram was a message sent using code from area to area which then got delivered to you personally or picked up at the telegram office. Now if anyone talks about a telegram message they’re talking about one of the most secure chat messaging services available.

Instead of using morse code to communicate with friends far away or send your family urgent news, you can send a text message to individuals or whole groups of your entire family or coworkers at once. If you need an extra layer of security or privacy, you can quickly open up a secret chat. There screenshots are not allowed, and messages can be set to delete after being viewed.

Spice up the content you send or how you react to a cute cat picture by using the applications built-in selection of stickers. These stickers range from cartoon characters to depictions of real people reacting in a variety of ways. And setting all of this up is easier than installing a telephone pole and learning to spell using morse code.

However, you may randomly encounter a few bugs when using this secure chatting service. These aren’t major, but if you lack spelling skills the main bug will annoy you since the autocorrect feature can disappear at times.

Where can you run this program?

Telegram is available for Android, IOS, Mac, Windows PC, Linux, and Windows mobile devices.

Is there a better alternative?

No, alternatives such as Line or WhatsApp don’t offer the same level of security and privacy as Telegram does. Telegram also features the secret chat option for when you don’t want there to be a trace of your messages.

Our take

Telegram is one of the best ways to send messages privately and securely. The stickers are fun to use and give a pleasing flair of personality.

Should you download it?

Yes, securing your messages and ensuring your privacy is important in today’s society.


  • Easily setup
  • Privacy is good
  • Variety of stickers


  • Autocorrect is unavailable at times
  • Requires mobile phone number
  • Interface bugs out on rare occasions

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