Viber Messenger - Free Video Calls Group Chatsfor Android


Social media and messaging platform.

Operated by the Japanese multinational company Rakuten, Viber is an instant messaging and social media platform for Android devices. Since its release, Viber has quickly gained popularity worldwide for its quality, safety, and plenty of fun features.

Smooth interface

We all prefer our social media and messaging platforms to be pleasant to look at while we’re using them. Whether you’re on a desktop or your mobile device, Viber’s interface is immediately friendly-looking and clean. It’s easy to navigate, with helpful hints and tips from the app itself if you’re unsure how to get started.

So much to do!

When it first started, Viber was just a messaging app like Whatsapp, but it has since implemented many new features for users to enjoy over the years. Users can participate in video and voice calls, as well as group calls, send GIFs and videos, create stickers, and join multiple communities. If you accidentally sent a message to the wrong person, you can simply delete, edit it, or set disappearing messages on. 

Your messages and information are secure.

Over the years, Viber has gone through numerous tests to prove that its users and their chats are safe. However, Rakuten has demonstrated their determination and care for its users, providing the app with end-to-end encryption, ensuring users’ privacy and security while using Viber.

Our take

Viber is a phenomenal app, whether you’re a social butterfly looking to find new friends or someone who just wants to send a quick message. While there are premium features that can be bought with your money, Viber is fundamentally free.

Should you download it?

Yes. Viber is an excellent app with many great features. Even if you don’t care for all the extra features, it’s still a perfect app to send someone a quick message.


  • Free
  • Safe and secure
  • Lots of fun features


  • Some updates tend to cause issues, like being kicked out of the app

Viber Messenger - Free Video Calls Group Chatsfor Android

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