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Telegram is tops for iPhone messaging

With secret chats and self destruct timers, Telegram is the secure, private way to connect via iOS app.

Secure and private iPhone chats

Telegram is the most feature-packed iPhone messaging app you’ve never heard of.

Telegram is open-sourced and ad-free. Chats aren’t stored on your device, but in the cloud. Chat away without worrying about hitting your storage caps. Insomnia? Those middle-of-the-night texts don’t have to wait. Send updates in silent send mode so you won’t wake up your friends or interrupt a meeting (even if they forget to silence their device). Send that cat video anytime.

Spice things up with stickers. Tap on the usual emoji to open up related stickers. Loop playback animated stickers for extra fun. You’ll never run out of anything to say or ways to say it -- follow the @stickers bot to discover trending stickers. What’s more, animated stickers use less battery and bandwidth than stationary stickers so you can keep the convo going longer.

Send the wrong image on messaging platforms like Skype or WhatsApp and you must delete the image and try again. Not with Telegram. The replace feature makes it easy to switch out the wrong image or video from the same place -- without tacking extra photos into a thread.

Secret chats and self destruct

If you send a private text or an image in a secret chat, you won’t have to worry about your friend forgetting to press the delete key. With Telegram, you can set a message to delete on its own in as little as one second and up to an hour, a day, or a week. Your message deletion countdown won’t begin until the recipient has viewed it.

A message set to a super short countdown skips the image preview and appears blurred out with a flame icon overlay. Your friend must press and hold the image to see it. SnapChat offers less self destruct customization. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram won’t leave behind a deleted message notification. This messaging service behaves as though the message never happened. If you are sending a personal message in a secret chat anyway, that’s how it should be.

Telegram prioritizes privacy. The messaging services uses a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange. Expect consistent, encrypted chats, media, and groups. Add in secret chats and the self destruct option, and you have a messaging iPhone app that goes above and beyond when it comes to keeping content away from prying eyes.

Telegram stands out from the messaging crowd with its group chat extras. Sure, every iPhone chat app offers group chats, but Telegram lets you make any group public, add people nearby based on location, and enables admin title grouping. Groups can contain up to 200,000 people so title grouping is one way to stay sane. Too much off-topic chatter? Tone it down, and put an end to the celebrity gossip and series of “thank you’s,” with slow mode.

Slow mode decreases the frequency of texts in a group. Set the timer to allow one message per the time of your choosing via a slider bar. The timer will show how much time your members need to wait before messaging again. It’s a brilliant move to help you keep group text sanity and maintain quality. Add in message history control and a pin to the top function and you might have found the best group messaging option out there (if you can get everyone to download the app).

Is there a better alternative?

Apps like Skype and WhatsApp come close to Telegram’s messaging service. All these services use check marks to acknowledge read receipts, so you won’t have to wonder if a message went through. But, the self destruct feature kicks things up a notch. It’s like how SnapChat approaches sensitive content.

If creating special image effects form the bulk of your messaging communication, you may be more at home using SnapChat or Instagram. Masks in Telegram aren’t as fun to share. Telegram may have stickers and support GIF and video but SnapChat takes the lead on playful imagery and augmented reality.

Chronic phone misplacer? Losing your phone number means losing your Telegram account. Remember, Telegram is connected to your phone number. Telegram doesn’t collect personal information so your phone number is the only identifier. While there are workarounds, such as requesting a new SIM card from your cell phone provider, if you hang onto sensitive data and don’t plan ahead, you could run into trouble. Try other iPhone messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Skype for easier “lost my phone” account access.

Messaging apps face tough competition. Telegram may boast great features that keep it gaining in popularity, but until you can get your friends and family to use the service, you might not get far. Until then, you can join open groups across all subjects on Telegram.

Where can I run this program?

Telegram is available on every device, from iOS to Android to Windows, Mac, and Linux. Ever started a message on one device then tried to finish on another? You lost it, right?

Our take

Total privacy plus smart security are all wrapped up in a sleek, forward-focused, ad-free package. Telegram is an almost irresistible iPhone messaging app.

Should you download this program?

Telegram offers advanced privacy options, fast chatting, and cloud-based storage. If you don’t rely on image filters and augmentation, then yes, download this fast-feeling, sharp-looking iPhone app.


  • Free texts and voice calls
  • Huge variety of stickers and user-generated stickers free to download
  • Unlimited media size and broadcasts.


  • No in-app image edits
  • Fewer people use the service so you may need more than one platform
  • Lose your phone and you lose your account access

Telegram Messengerfor iOS


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