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Signal is a free, private messenger app that provides encrypted text, image, and video communication between contacts. Owned by a non-profit organization, the Signal Foundation, has been recognized as one of the most secure chat programs available for computers and mobile devices today.

What is Signal app used for?

The private messenger app is used to send secure chats via end-to-end encryption. After you send a text, video, or image, it will vanish after a specific period, determined by the sender or receiver. Members mostly use it so that the government and hackers don’t read personal messages, specifically if it is of a political or private nature. Others simply do not like the notion of being spied on by officials or prying eyes.

Is Signal available for iOS?

The open-source communication software is available for iPhone devices. The system requirements are iOS 9.0 or higher, while it’s also compatible with iPad and iPod Touch. While the app uses the contacts on your device for you to send messages, it does not store them in a private database or share them with third parties.

Is Signal app really secure?

Many people consider Signal to be the most secure chatting application available. Due to its encryption methods, only the receiving can see the message no matter who tries to hack the account. This protocol ensures that texts and images are safe from your ISP, government officials, and hackers.

Is Signal the best messaging app for iOS?

Some of the top rivals for iOS message apps include Whatsapp, Telegram, and Snapchat. While Telegram has a few security options while storing conversations in the cloud rather than on your device. Snapchat has the same disappearing message settings, making it impossible to save them. Whatsapp isn’t as safe to use, with the government locking down on private conversations.

Encrypted, vanishing messages

If you prefer keeping your personal conversations private, you can’t go wrong with Signal. Since the organization has nothing to gain from sharing your information, contacts, or chats, it takes every necessary precaution to ensure no one can access your data. Of course, it means you won’t be able to save any texts or images, either.


  • Send secure, private texts and media
  • Set the timer delay for vanishing messages
  • Protect your contacts from prying eyes
  • Save storage space on your device


  • Can’t save texts or images

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