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Free online group chat suite

Discord is a free communication platform that connects people via servers. Originally for gaming, it’s now a chat and call tool for people looking to associate with others through any shared interest. The slick interface, cross-platform compatibility, and multiple privacy settings make it an ideal program for any group type.

Gamer-made communication app

Unlike Skype or Zoom, Discord was initially used to help gamers enjoy their favorite multiplayer titles. However, the interactive UI and all the available options made it the universal platform it is today. 

The app doesn’t impose time or member number limitations for group, voice or video chatting. Anybody can screen share while they talk, making the app excellent for a business presentation or gaming session alike.

Calls, chats, and moderators

Discord displays servers that you’re a member of on the left side of the screen. Each comes with guidelines that channel creators introduce through moderation tools to keep the communities wholesome and free of spammers.

Anybody can make a server free of charge. Inviting friends to a newly-organized group is as simple as generating a time-sensitive link and sending it to people. That way, private platforms keep their privacy, and Discord ensures safety for its users. 

Each server includes niche chats to separate conversation topics and eliminate confusion. You can also add voice channels for different purposes, such as gaming, random chatting, or discussions. There are many customization options, too, like the custom emoji creation tools.

Private and public servers

Apart from private servers, you’ll also find public platforms related to endless topics and fandoms. Browse through the well-organized categories or search for creators or subjects by name to check whether there’s a platform dedicated to them. It seeks to be an inclusive platform, inviting everybody, from gamers to teachers and workgroups, to join and take advantage of the features.

Our take

While it’s not a go-to solution for business meetings, this platform boasts impressive capabilities. It could add more video call features to optimize user experience even further, but what’s already there is excellent.

Should you download it?

Yes. Discord is among the best free, flexible solutions for gaming, communicating with friends, and joining fan communities.


  • Unlimited users and servers
  • Clean UI
  • Customizable server settings
  • Compatible with various devices


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    Discordfor Android

    230.15 - Stable

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