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Instagram is a  social networking app that allows you to share photos and videos, and edit them with the use of filters and varying aspect ratios. The app was launched in 2010, originally just for iOS but was later released for Android devices in 2012. The main purpose of Instagram is to share and view media from others and communicate through likes, comments, and messages. The Explore page allows you to see the most popular content at the time of viewing. Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012 due to its rapid increase in popularity. Not only is Instagram used to share media, but now users buy and sell merchandise, services, through business accounts. The app has become a must-have for social media influencers, and the layout of the business version of the interface allows users to more easily recognize and contact influencers, celebrities, politicians, and other people of note.

Basic and advanced Instagram features

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking services around.

On Android, you're able to capture photo and video, upload it to the app, edit the media with pre-made filters and other editing tools, and tag other users all before you post. You can also link your account with social media services like Twitter and Facebook, so your media will appear on those platforms as well as your Instagram feed when you post it. Along with your media, you can write a caption, add hashtags, and include your location. 

Stories are a also function of Instagram. Similar to Snapchat, stories are displayed at the top of the mobile app; you can only view stories on the web and desktop app by selecting a user's profile icon on their profile page or on your feed.

Instagram for Windows is also quite impressive

On the Windows version of the Instagram app for desktop, you can do almost everything that you can on the mobile app. Sign up with your phone number, email address or link your Facebook page to make an account. From there, you can view media, comment, like posts, add to your story, follow users, and see the Explore page. With that said, there is one major function that is unavailable - actually posting media. Using your webcam, you can take video and snap photos to add to your stories, but not to your profile and feed. This function is available on tablets running Windows 10, but not desktops. Although it may seem frustrating, most users seem to access Instagram on mobile, since that was the platform that it was originally made for.

Anyone who searches for your username or has your phone number or email in their phone contacts can view your profile even if they don't have an Instagram account, but there is a privacy setting that locks it. Once locked, only those who you accept as a follower can view your profile. If you see any inappropriate content or if another user is exhibiting in behaviors that are abusive, you can report the post or comment in question. Instagram will review what you have submitted and if they find that the content or user goes against their Terms of Service, they will delete the content or suspend the account.

The loading speed is quite good on the app running Windows 10. After refreshing the feed or viewing the Explore page, there was a loading time of about two seconds. Otherwise, all media loaded instantly, including stories and there is no lag during video playback. This is impressive, considering Instagram has around 5 million users worldwide. The layout looks exactly the same as it does on mobile - a clean white background with minimalist icons marking the functions for searching, adding media, the homepage, and the user's profile page.

Top 5 Instagram Features that you probably don’t know

Instagram has many different features but some of them are less popular than others. Here are some of the features that not every user know, but are pretty useful:

See all the posts you've liked

Ever wondered where your digital footprint of appreciation resides? Navigate to your profile, click the three lines, tap “Your Activity,” proceed to “Interactions,” and click on “Likes.” Behold, a curated list of all your heart-tapping moments.

Reorder filters for efficiency

Streamline your photo editing experience by prioritizing your favorite filters. While editing a post, press and hold on a filter, then drag it to your preferred spot. Efficiency in editing, now at your fingertips.

Auto-captions for Reels and Stories

Enhance accessibility and cater to the soundless audience by enabling auto-captions. This feature converts speech into captions seamlessly, opening up your content to a broader audience.

Reply to comments with a Reel

Elevate your engagement game by replying to comments with a dynamic Reel. Tap “Reply” under a comment, click the camera icon, record or upload a video, customize the background, edit, and share. It's interaction redefined.

Curate your ad experience

Instagram aims to tailor ads to your preferences, but what if they miss the mark? Take charge by tapping on the three dots beside a sponsored post and selecting "Hide ad." Guide Instagram's algorithm to showcase content that resonates with you.

Why can't I download Instagram from Play Store?

Instagram is a part of our digital lives, helping us connect and share stories visually. But sometimes, you might wonder, "Why can't I get Instagram from the Play Store?" Don't worry; we're here to help you understand and explore some of the cool features you might not know about.

Web access and Instagram Lite

If the app isn't downloading, you can use on your mobile browser or try Instagram Lite, which uses less data and is designed for Android.

Check connectivity and restart

Before getting into complicated solutions, make sure your internet connection is stable. Sometimes, just restarting your device can solve the problem.

Instagram Help Center

If things still don't work, check out the Instagram Help Center. You might find answers to your problems there. It's a good place to look if some features aren't working as expected.

Instagram alternatives

For photo sharing, there is no better alternative for Instagram, but the better platform would be on the mobile app and not the desktop app. The point of Instagram is to share pictures, and if you can't do that it takes away almost the entire reason for using the service. The desktop app forces the user to watch from afar while not allowing them to participate. As for video, YouTube is the better alternative, as you can record video live and upload it from the mobile app and web page, comment, like comments, subscribe to other users and share video among other functions.

Where can you run this program?

Instagram is available on iOS and Android devices, tablets, and desktops running Windows 10, smart televisions with casting capabilities like ImageCast, ChromeCast and other applications, and smart devices like watches. As iOS is updated, Instagram becomes unavailable on older iOS versions like most apps in the iOS store.

Our take

This software is outdated and not very user-friendly, as it assumes that most already know how to use it.

Should you download it?

This is not software that we would recommend. It is extremely basic, and seems like it would be something that would come already installed in earlier versions of the Windows OS - think Notepad, Wordpad, and Microsoft Paint. Using Base could be frustrating as it is not software that the everyday user would utilize, and there are alternatives that would take care of most of the work for you. It's useful for learning what a database is and the functions at a beginner level if you're a student or in a compatible career field.


  • View pictures and videos
  • Give likes and comment
  • Send direct messages
  • No loading times or video playback lag


  • Limited media editing functions

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

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