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Jokes and prank calls

Bluff My Call is an application that does more than prank people. It comes with many features that help you record calls, keep your caller ID anonymous, and skip straight to voicemail.

Practicality and excitement

Bluff My Call is a free Android app ideal for keeping your calls anonymous and making jokes and prank calls.

Bluff My Call comes with many exciting features in a free, lightweight bundle. You can change your voice, hide or change your ID, and even record calls with it.

The usefulness also expands to making WiFi calls when you don't want to use the phone number.

The call log-style interface helps you keep track of your communications in real time, with lists of received, dialed, and missed calls.

Changing your ID and making calls to anybody is as straightforward as several clicks. When it comes to changing your voice, there are male and female options. You'll just need to select one before starting a call.

To record your calls, whether for a reaction or otherwise, you can have the app do just that with ease.

Where can you run this program?

Bluff My Call Runs on Android devices with operating system versions 5.0 and higher.

Is there a better alternative?

No, this app offers many handy functions. Good prank-focused alternatives include Call Spoofer, PRANK DIAL, and Funcall. 

Our take

This little app packs quite a punch. Although it may seem shifty, it’s 100% legal and can prove quite helpful even when you’re not joking.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re into pranks, Bluff My Call is there for your every need. Beyond that, its other features make the program rather appealing.  


  • Free to use
  • Various fun features
  • Can change caller number
  • Instant voicemail access


  • Only for newer Android devices

Bluff My Callfor Android


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