ToTok - Free HD Video Voice Callsfor Android


Free communication app

ToTok is a free communication app that offers a wide variety of features and boasts secure messaging services. The application allows you to create groups with other users, calling up to twenty people at a time. Additionally, you can instantly send messages to anyone on your contact list or enhance your video call appearance with built-in filters.

Free calls

One of the most impressive features of ToTok is its ability to place calls with other users around the world for free. These can be HD video calls or voice calls between you and up to 19 other people. You can quickly connect with anyone from your contact list with a few taps on your screen.

The twenty-person, HD video calls are ideal for holding meetings with coworkers or lengthy family discussions. 

Instant messaging

Using ToTok, you can send messages to anyone on your contact list with ease. The app allows you to customize your background wallpaper, send voice clips, stickers, GIFs, images, and videos. Deleting a message is possible if you accidentally messaged the wrong group.

Built-in filters

ToTok offers a built-in filter that you can activate during HD video calls. This feature is ideal if you’re getting a call while not wearing makeup. The filter smoothes your skin during an HD video call and helps to remove blemishes on camera.

False privacy

ToTok boasts having security and privacy, claiming not to view your SMS history, photos and videos, and call history. They claim that they don’t listen to your conversations at all. However, the application was outed in 2019 as an official government surveillance tool of the United Arab Emirates. While it claims to adhere to international laws, the application poses a risk to your privacy. 

ToTok is not worth the risk of downloading and installing the new or old version.

Our take

On the surface, ToTok seems like a fantastic app with plenty of features that make it worthwhile. The utility serves as an alternative to Whatsapp and Skype for calling family members and friends located in countries where those applications are banned. However, the software is well known as a surveillance tool that monitors your conversations and other information.

Should you download it?

No. If you can avoid downloading this application, it’s heavily advised that you don’t download or install the app, as it’s unsafe.


  • Free video and audio calls
  • Secure messaging
  • Twenty-person group calls
  • Built-in filter


  • Unsafe
  • Emirate government surveillance tool

ToTok - Free HD Video Voice Callsfor Android

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