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Free Hike Sticker Chat

Created by Hike Private Limited, a company based in India, this application was released in 2012. Its main feature is that you can communicate with vinyl stickers and emojis. You can download the application for free from the Google Play store and registering only takes a few minutes. Sticker Chat securely encrypts all your chats and calls, offering offline functionality as well.

A sticky experience

Sticker chat was developed as a refreshing and lively alternative to the multitude of messaging applications available worldwide. Although WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, and Telegram outperform Hike Sticker Chat in terms of download numbers, Hike offers you a unique interactive experience like no other. In no time, you will find yourself communicating with stickers like it was your first language. Once you start using the stickers you’ll wonder to yourself how you ever typed text messages in the past.

Encryption and safety

By protecting your messages and calls with a 2048-bit encryption key, your data is shielded from theft. What that means is that only you and your chosen contacts can view the message. Considering that a picture says a thousand words, it’s reassuring to know that your interactions are safe and secure.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

The platform supports over 40 Indian languages and the stickers are available in them all. If you’re having a hard time wrapping your head around it, then think of it this way: all you need to do to send a sticker is start typing whatever it is you want to text. Before you know it, through the combined power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the app suggests a variety of appropriate stickers to choose from out of their vast selection. 

An automatic and instantaneous backup

We are living in an age of new software, powerful desktop computers, and constant smart device updates. You will probably own several devices throughout your lifetime, and transferring information between them all can be cumbersome. The automatic and instantaneous backup feature runs in the background which means your messages can synchronize to any device.

Our take

Hike Private Limited announced that Hike Sticker Chat would be part of a larger product. This would offer millions of more vinyl stickers and other advanced security features. Additionally, you’re able to use the stickers across other applications like WhatsApp. You will not regret adding this fantastic application to your home screen.

Should you download it

This software gives you a new way of texting without actually using words. Using this app is fun and you’ll understand right away why so many people are already using it.


  • New concept messaging application
  • Instant backup
  • Fun and lively stickers
  • User-friendly sign-up interface
  • Minimal local storage requirements
  • A growing portfolio of over 1 million stickers
  • Fully customizable interface


  • Slight learning curve to adapt to the stickers

Hike Sticker Chatfor Android

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