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ViewRanger by Augmentra is a smartphone digital orientation mobile app. It’s all about exploring nature, with features such as hiking trail sharing and data gathering. The app helps you to relive your most cherished memories from each trek. The straightforward tool comes with offline functionalities for adventurers who tend to lose signal.

Explore the great outdoors

Digital maps have already replaced their physical counterparts. People use Google Maps for general navigation, but more specific alternatives also emerged, such as Citymapper. ViewRanger is the polar opposite, focusing on hiking routes and hard-to-access locations. It works more in line with something like Strava, which particularly focuses on running and cycling.

If you’re looking to escape the urban environment, this app is for you. ViewRanger runs smoothly offline and in Airplane Mode, saving your battery and maintaining your orientation even with a poor signal.

Before, during, and after

ViewRanger features can guide you during all the stages of your hike. You can browse around the local area and see all the potential trails to take before you embark. While available information can depend on user input, most locations contain at least some mapping. 

Fullscreen the app interface while you’re walking and it’ll show a red spot and arrow pointing you in your desired direction. Alternatively, take advantage of the four buttons below the map to record your adventure, check your ETA, view weather forecasts, and even use a compass.

Once you’re back home, go back to all recorded data to review it to see how you did during your trek and for future reference. The developers also added a sharing feature in the community section.

Free vs. paid

You can use ViewRanger for free and still get plenty out of it. However, the premium version unlocks extra features that make the app stand out from the competition. 

There are two paid plans, which provide unlimited offline maps, skylines, and 3D views of your environment. You also unlock a comprehensive toolset for tracking, which makes the membership worth its cost for avid hikers.

Our take

Overall, ViewRanger is a handy tool to have during your hikes and treks. Its features are well-designed and to-the-point, ensuring you never get lost while exploring the wilderness.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you frequent outdoor activities, this tool will prove itself invaluable in keeping you safe while helping you uncover new locations through the user-sharing feature.


  • Extensive map collection
  • Works offline
  • Exciting user-shared gems


  • Usefulness varies per location

ViewRangerfor Android


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