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Free Huawei wearable companion app

Huawei Health is a free Android companion application that syncs to a Huawei smartwatch to track various tasks. There are plenty of supported activities that help you monitor your progress after a quick login. You’ll have to download and update Huawei Health to properly use the functions of your wearable.

Many supported activities

Huawei Health supports a host of daily tasks such as walking, running, and sleeping that detail your health. The app logs how long you sleep, the number of steps you take when running or walking, and your heart rate. This feature makes the Huawei Health app a great option to install if you’re concerned about improving your exercise or sleep schedule.

Unfortunately, the app is only compatible with Huawei wearables, there are very few items that the application can track. The application also tracks your cycling and speed if you’re concerned with your health.

Watch your day

As there are many supported activities, you can monitor various areas for improvement. Downloading this app is the fastest way to connect your wearable device to watch these stats change over time. The Huawei Health app shows you the results of your previous exercises and how on track you are to your own goal.

The clear and easy to navigate interface makes numerous statistics easy to understand and observe. You can tap an option to see a more detailed report and judge for yourself if you’ve taken more steps or slept better.

Always running

As the Huawei Health application is always syncing with the wearable, it’ll affect your phone’s resources. This feature limits the devices you can use for the application as they need to have at least 2 gigabytes or more RAM. The constant use of the app will also affect your battery life and drain it faster

Our take

Overall, Huawei Health is a great companion app to the Huawei wearables that aids in your daily exercises. For other devices from different brands, you can use Samsung Health or Mi Fit to connect them to your phone. The application has a clearly displayed interface that is not cluttered.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you have a Huawei wearable device, it‘s a great idea to install this app and monitor your daily activities to improve your health and expand your device's functionality as well.


  • Tracks your daily activities
  • Monitors your sleep patterns


  • Only works with Huawei wearable devices

Program available in other languages

Huawei Healthfor Android

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