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Samsung Health is a free Android app that lets you track and manage your daily and weekly fitness goals. You can record your activities while also adjusting your measurements as they change. If you have a Galaxy Watch, you can synchronize it with TechnoGym, Life Fitness, and Corehealth programs.

What is the Samsung Health app on Android?

If you’re ready to whip your health back into shape, Samsung Health can assist you in keeping a record of all your fitness activities. Whether you cycle, run or swim, it can track your movements and let you manually insert data. You can also set goals for your sleeping patterns, daily tasks, and heart-rate measurements.

How do I use the Samsung Health app on Android?

After you install the Samsung Health app on your Android device, you’ll see a home page that has the dashboard of all your measurements, goals, and recordings. The program works on data that you feed, unless you have the Galaxy Watch. 

The features available depends on what model your device is and what software it’s running. To use the app, find the categories that you want to focus on and provide the relevant information daily.

Does Samsung Health measure blood pressure?

On its own, the health management application can’t measure your blood pressure, and it doesn’t have the ability to do so in isolation. If you’re using a Galaxy Watch, it synchronizes with the app to provide these details. Of course, it depends on whether those settings are available to you on your device.

Our take

Samsung Health is one of those applications that have a specific purpose and only works with certain products. For the best effect, you’ll need the Galaxy Watch to monitor your body and fitness levels. However, it’s still an excellent choice to record your activities on Android.

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you want to start training and keeping track of your exercise routines. You can also try Fitbit, Google Fit, or MyFitnessPal.


  • Record your fitness activities
  • Maintain your body’s measurements
  • Synchronize with Galaxy Watch
  • Manage your goals
  • Track your steps


  • Features available depends on device

Program available in other languages

Samsung Healthfor Android

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