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A digital coach and tracker for the road

It can be overwhelming to try to get or stay in shape, especially if you lead a busy life. Instead of hiring a personal trainer, though, you can download an app that serves as one for you - and that’s what Freeletics is all about.

A full package

Freeletics stands out as a bodyweight training program that tailors your workouts according to your needs and holds you accountable even while you travel.

Four different sections make up the Freeletics package. The most popular one is Bodyweight, but you'll also find Gym, Running, and Nutrition sections. As the name of each suggests, they help you work on these areas of your overall fitness.

Freeletics comes in a free and a paid version. The free alternative contains over 900 workout variations that cover all muscle groups, each lasting between 10 and 30 minutes. Before each movement, there will be a short tutorial.

While you're working out, a timer will show up on your screen to show you your progress, and you may record your impressions later.

On the home page, you'll find tons of exercise challenges posted a few times a week, in which you can also take part to spice things up. Here, the social aspect of the app also comes through, as you can share your experience with others.

The paid version, the Coach, is much more personalized, based on your age, weight, abilities, availability, and goals. Your Coach will tell you exactly what to do to get there.

When it comes to nutrition, you get daily plans with portion sizes, recipes, and nutritive values, as well as tips for busy bees who tend to eat out a lot.

Where can you run this program?

For Android users, you’ll need operating system versions 6.0 and up to run this app, while Apple exercisers require iOS 11.0 and watchOS 4.0 and above.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. While Freeletics is excellent, there are alternatives - it’s a matter of preference. Some include the Bodyboss method for HIIT workouts, the SWEAT app by Kayla Itsines if you need a coach on your phone, and Figure 8 which encompasses dancing into fitness.

Our take

Freeletics is excellent, especially if you travel a lot and need a digital personal trainer. While the free version is somewhat lacking for beginners, it’s worth a shot.

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you don’t have access to a regular fitness routine and need something to hold you accountable.


  • Easy to use
  • Exercises grow in intensity based on feedback
  • A massive library of short / effective workouts
  • Unisex training
  • Highly customizable


  • Not great for mass and strength training
  • Not predictable

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