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TextNow is a free phone app that lets you text and call as much as you like. It covers the US, Canada, and international numbers. The app works on iOS devices from iPhones to iPads and even your iPod.

Phone-based social network

TextNow operates similarly to other messaging services like Whatsapp except without the need for a SIM card. TextNow gives you your own phone number, so you don’t need to link it to your existing mobile plan. You can find your number through the app menu, along with subscription options. 

Subscriptions and coverage

If you’re not connected to the internet, it’s still possible to use TextNow to make a phone call if you’ve signed up for a premium account. This subscription removes ads and lets you use the Sprint mobile network, but only if you’re in the US. 

Otherwise, if you’re not in the States or don’t want to fork out any money, it’s still possible to use TextNow with wifi or mobile data. You’ll be able to make and send unlimited calls and texts to Canadian and US phone numbers. Also, by completing special offers, you’ll earn credits to make low-cost international calls.   


What good’s a messaging service if you can’t truly express yourself? The TextNow app includes a ton of stickers, gifs, color schemes, wallpapers, and even ringtones to personalize chats. The developers also have a complimentary app, 2ndline, that gives you a second phone number you can use.

Our take

TextNow is an excellent and secure alternative to other messaging service social networks. You can even use the provided phone number with Whatsapp if you want to use both. The only real downside is a few useful functions, like call forwarding and voicemail transcription, are behind a paywall.

Should you download it?

Yes. The app could also be used to handle unwanted cold callers or for dedicated business purposes, not just casual texting.


  • The free version has plenty of worthwhile features
  • Get your own phone number to use how you like


  • The free version is full of ads
  • All features are only available for US users

TextNowfor iOS


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