Sublime Textfor Windows

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Edit source code for free

A versatile and top quality editor, which works with a variety of programmable languages, that’s worth its money. 

A most powerful text editor

Sublime Text is one of the best text editors available. With a Python API which allows plugins to add functions.

A text editor allows you to write and edit code in one of the various programming languages. Each language is used for different functions, from website layout and style to applications and data science.

Sublime Text doesn’t come with pre-installed plugins. Get started with Package Control. It helps manage and search for plugins you need. Some popular plugins include Allautocomplete, Git and DocBlockr.

With Sublime text, you can preview your code. Simply use View in the browser plugin to see what you have created, and this will allow you to see the results of your code as you write it. You can edit your code until your website looks perfect.

Available languages include JavaScript, HTML, Java, CSS, Python, SQL and PHP. Like all good text editors, you can open multiple tabs to switch between your code. You can also edit files with Sublime Text’s split editing. The program helps you code with auto-completion, color coding elements, and error messages. These tools will speed up your development process. Like this you can spend more time on the logic and less time on writing it out. For easy access you store your projects in folders within the text editor. 

Sublime Text also offers a technical support forum, full of useful topics, where you can ask questions or search for answers or advice.

Where can you run this program?

The program is compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Is there a better alternative?

There are many free text editors like Notepad++, Komodo Edit and our top pick Microsoft’s Visual code. But Sublime Text is a good option if you’re willing to pay for it.

Our take

Sublime Text is a flawless editor, suitable for front end or full-stack developers.

Should you download it?

You definitely should, if you’re using a text editor all day for work, it is worth the initial investment for a quality editor.


  • Customizable
  • Plugins available
  • Free trial
  • Multiple programming language compatibilities
  • Split editing


  • It’s not free
  • Very slow loading big files
  • Poor quality plug-ins cause crashes

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Sublime Textfor Windows

4 Build 4126

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