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Free node.js developing tool

Nodemon is a free tool that helps you develop javascript files as it refreshes the software each time any updates become available. The app won’t change any of your project’s source code when restarting, ensuring that your work will be left unchanged. You can also force a manual restart within the application if you think it hasn’t updated itself.

Fast installation process

After you finish downloading the file for Nodemon, it will be a quick process to install and run it. Simply enter the following line of code in the software to install it or use the cloning method: “npm install -g nodemon.” 

Easy to learn

Learning to use Nodemon is a quick and straightforward process. The software functions as a wrap for your application, overseeing and restarting it when needed but not interfering with your workflow. You don’t need to give it access to your script itself, as it can function with only permission to use the package.json file.

Automatic restarting

As the main feature of Nodemon, restarting every time the software detects a change in your file directory is a handy process. By doing this, you ensure your source code is always up-to-date and has no missing elements. The application cannot edit your text as you work, making sure you don’t lose any project progress.

Manual options

There are many manual features of Nodemon, such as stopping the software by pressing “shift” and “C” simultaneously on your keyboard. To restart the program at any time, you can run the command line “rs” with a specified control character. Additionally, you can manually edit your configuration by selecting new config files.

Our take

Nodemon is a great tool to have as a developer as it lets you quickly write your code with consistent updates made whenever your directory is revised. Alternative applications you could use as a developer include Forever and Gulp, which help you with JavaScript coding. The software is easily installed and requires only a small amount of effort to learn.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re a developer or looking to create applications that use JavaScript, this is a must-have tool that helps your workflow.


  • Refreshes automatically
  • Easy to learn
  • Has a manual restart function


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