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Jarfix is designed primarily to help Java developers resolve the commonly experienced problem of Java-based programs not running.

Often, this is because another program has hijacked the association between the .jar files and the javaw.exe file.

It doesn’t necessarily indicate a security issue, and it’s quite common in Windows for this to happen.  One example is when you are unpacking .zip files.

What is Jarfix?

Jarfix is a completely free, lightweight piece of software that fixes the computer’s registry to restore the association between the Java .exe file and the .jar file.

Although it is possible to manually adjust the registry each time this problem arises, it’s quicker and simpler to use Jarfix.

How do I open a .jar file??

Normally, a .jar file within an application will automatically be associated with the javaw.exe program. Therefore, it happens by default.

However, if another program has hijacked the association for its own uses, then the Java .exe file won’t be the default program for opening the .jar file.

How do I repair a .jar file?

Some developers prefer to either reinstall the Java Runtime Environment, or manually fix the registry every time that this issue arises.

It’s simpler and quicker to run Jarfix with a double-click and let it make the necessary registry adjustment.

Do I need Jarfix?

For normal usage of a Windows PC, you won’t have any need for the Java Runtime Environment – so you won’t usually have any issues that need Jarfix.

However, there are still some applications and web pages that use Java. If you have any, and they stop working properly, then it’s a good idea to install and run Jarfix.

Our take

The essence of Jarfix is convenience

Although an experienced programmer will know how to manually change the registry, Jarfix is an easy-to-use piece of software, and just a double-click can get programs working properly again in a few seconds.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re into developing on Java.

Jarfixfor Windows


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