Boost C++ Librariesfor Windows



A fantastic assistant for C++ projects

This program assembles the most useful C++ libraries in a single project to help developers work more efficiently. It operates across platforms free of charge, allowing anybody to contribute to the collection.

A comprehensive library collection

Boost puts all the best community-developed C++ libraries in one framework, bringing together the knowledge of an extensive user-base in one comprehensive source.

Boost is a library set for the C++ programming language, supporting multithreading, unit testing, and linear algebra, among other tasks. The latest version from August 2020 contains 161 libraries.

The sources located in Boost serve a wide range of purposes and users. You can browse through general libraries, operating system abstractions, and sources for library developers. Some references also exist as independent libraries.

The bulk of the options consist of those that coordinate well with the C++ Standard library. All content is peer-reviewed and provides reference implementations.

Boost uses templates to ensure flexibility and efficiency, relying on metaprogramming and generic programming concepts. Most libraries are header-based and contain inline functions that don’t have to be built in advance.

This program is under a free, open-source software grant compatible with the GNU General Public License. To start using Boost, all you need to do is add a path to the library through your project properties and take advantage of it.

Finally, Boost is also a community that supports education and research into C++ uses. Since it lets anybody participate, the documentation found with the sources can be quite messy, but you can count on the mailing lists for answers.

Where can you run this program?

This program is compatible with most versions of Windows and UNIX.

Is there a better alternative?

No, but if you’re looking for a different option, Yaal is another general-purpose C++ library that works on all major operating systems.

Our take

While Boost’s collection is impressive in itself, the best part of this program comes from various people working together to find and fix issues. It’s a wonderfully-executed programming community.

Should you download it?

Yes, because it’s so useful. Whether you’re on a personal or commercial project, this program can help you and immensely speed up the process.

Boost C++ Librariesfor Windows


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