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LibreCAD is a free design software that provides a studio for creating floor plans and blueprints on your Windows computer. The toolkit offers many features and layers that ease the designing process. However, the software is limited to creating 2D blueprints and cannot create 3D interpretations of your plans as with AutoCAD and FreeCAD.

The application is compatible with the file types commonly used by alternative programs, allowing you to change your software of choice quickly. Additionally, the app is cross-platform supported and enabling you to take your work with you on any computer or laptop.


LibreCAD is an entirely free application with no restrictions on how you use it. Additionally, there are no hidden payments to access the complete list of features. Once you download and install LibreCAD, you can access everything and use the app as you like. This freedom includes copying, modifying, and distributing the app.

The software is safe to use as it is open-source, allowing you to check for malicious code. The application is also relatively easy to use and has many online tutorials available on free platforms such as YouTube. Additionally, distributing the app or making your alternations is encouraged within the app.

2D designs

The LibreCAD application only allows you to create designs in 2D and cannot create 3D models. While this limitation isn't likely to affect your work, it may hinder your attempt to prototype a project. Using the software, you can create floor plans and blueprints for work or personal use.


The software is highly compatible with alternatives such as AutoCAD, using the same file DXF file format. Additionally, the same file works on Linux and Mac versions of the application. Alternatively, you can export your projects in a variety of file types.

Our take

Overall, the LibreCAD 2D design application is a powerful tool for CAD projects. The software is compatible with alternatives such as AutoCAD and FreeCAD and files from versions on other operating systems. The application provides many tools that ease your workflow and make creating blueprints a straightforward task.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you need an application for designing in-depth blueprints or floor plans, this software is worth installing.


  • Compatible with AutoCAD files
  • Completely free
  • Open source
  • Safe to use
  • Cross-platform support


  • No 3D modeling options

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

LibreCADfor Windows


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