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BusyBox is a free toolbox filled with over 100 Unix commands in its single executable file. The software can run Android, Linux, and FreeBSD POSIX environments on your Windows computer. The input system is simple and doesn’t require any Linux knowledge before you start using it.

POSIX environments

BusyBox runs POSIX environments such as Android, Linux, and FreeBSD on your Windows device. This function works to maintain the compatibility between different operating system commands on your current operating system (OS). The POSIX environment aids the Unix tools included with BusyBox.

Unix tools

With a selection of Unix functions available in a single executable file, BusyBox puts over a hundred commands at your fingertips. Through these tools, you can create SCCS files, compress data, and perform various jobs in the background.

These utilities are a must especially if you are managing rooted devices such as your Android phone. The tools are a must-have for working on the before-mentioned embedded environments.


To use BusyBox, you need to enter command lines in the Command Prompt window. The included software gets launched with a bin command line that consists of the tool's name.

As embedded environments are the software's primary focus, it requires little to no system requirements to run smoothly. The software acts as a swiss army knife for embedded Linux.

No prior knowledge needed

One of the best aspects of using BusyBox for your developing needs is the low level of prior knowledge needed. The commands you use are simple, such as using "Cal" to display a text calendar in months or years. Everything is simple enough that any new user will not have much difficulty getting used to this tool.

The more advanced tools are easy to use with knowledge of the Windows Command line. These utilities give you firmer control over your computer and the projects you're using with BusyBox.

Our take

BusyBox is an excellent application packed with features and tools to run command lines or shell scripts. The software offers more usability than alternatives such as Toybox and Cygwin as it delivers over 100 different Unix commands. The tool is easy to use without having any previous Linux experience.

Should you download it?

Yes. BusyBox is an ideal toolkit if you're looking for a quick way and easy way to use Unix commands or a POSIX environment.


  • Designed for embedded operating systems
  • Delivers over 100 commands
  • Has Unix Utilities


    BusyBoxfor Windows


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