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MATLAB - A complex problem or a simple solution?

MATLAB, or matrix laboratory, was originally created to allow you easy access to matrix software like LINPACK and EISPACK project. Today, MATLAB provides you state-of-the-art software for matrix computation by incorporating both LAPACK and BLAS libraries. With its gold-standard program, it has become a benchmark tool for introductory and advanced courses in mathematics, engineering, and science. In fact, it is the program of choice for high-productivity research, development, and analysis. This high-performing language for technical computing shows no signs of slowing down, as it integrates computations, visualization, and programming in a simple and straightforward application for even novice users.

Complex solutions made simple

MATLAB offers a wide reach of functions in a simple and straightforward piece software. For sure, MATLAB will only continue to offer industry standard services for a long time.

The MATLAB hosts a condensed system of complex tools and functions that guide you through MATLAB functions and files,and are primarily graphical user interfaces. Here you can find the MATLAB desktop and Command Window, workspace, files and search path in a nifty editor, debugger, and browser.

You’ll see that you can get big help from MATALB’s vast collection of computational algorithms. The set ranges from familiar functions to more complex computations.

The high-level matrix or array language provides you with control flow statements, functions, data structures and object-oriented programming features. It is definitely a useful feature for both quick applications or big, sophisticated application programs.

Find MATLAB’s extensive facilities for displaying vectors and matrices as well as annotating and printing graphs. It includes high-level functions for 2D and 3D data visualization, image processing, animation and presentation graphics, and can customize the appearance of graphics to build graphical user interface on any of your MATLAB applications.

MATLAB’s API library lets  you write C and Fortran programs right into MATLAB. This includes dynamic linking, computational engine, and writing MAT-files.

Go live

Live scripts tell a compelling story. MATLAB does this by enhancing your code and output using formatting, images and hyperlinks. You can even insert equations using the interactive editor or – if you’re code savvy – LaTeX. Finish it off by setting values in your scripts through interactive controls. This allows you to share PDF, HTML, or LaTeX docs directly with your colleagues.

Find new ideas fast

Forget about context switching, and work in a single environment with MATLAB. Here, you will see results and visualization right next to the code that produced them. Or, opt to run each script individually by dividing them into manageable sections. Pair this organizational function with the fully integrated debugger to troubleshoot your code.

Run your programs faster

The program’s redesigned execution engine uses just-in-time (JIT) compilation in all MATLAB’s codes, offering you improved language quality. If you have used MATLAB in the past, expect  the function call overhead to be greatly reduced. No penalties for organizing code into many small functions will be felt. You can also look forward to object-oriented operations running faster. This will improve your code’s readability, reusability, and maintainability.

Where can you run this program? 

You must obtain a binary MEX file that was compiled from the same platform you want to it run on. For example, you cannot run a 32-bit MEX file from within a 64-bit version of MATLAB. The file extension should always reflect the platform. If you need to determine the extension of your platform, use the mexext function.

Is there a better alternative? 

MATLAB’s array of coding and programming functions will overwhelm you if you’re looking for a software primarily intended for numerical computations. If that's the case, look no further than GNU Octave. This high-level language application provides a convenient command line interface to help you solve linear and nonlinear problems. The extensive set of tools can solve collegiate-level arithmetic problems like roots of nonlinear equations, manipulating polynomials and differential-algebraic equations. You can even easily extend and customize its functions when you use Octave’s own language or dynamically loaded modules written in C++, C, Fortran, and other high-tier languages.

Our take

MATLAB is one of the few programs that are extensively used by both undergraduates and established professionals. And why shouldn’t it be? It performs beyond expectations. 

Should you download it? 

Yes. This is the only proprietary programming language program you should download.


  • Exclusive programming language
  • Live editor
  • Cloud sharing


  • Targeted towards experienced programmers
  • MEX File Platform-Dependent Extension
  • Requires big system resources

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