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Free C++ Windows development software

Dev-C++ is a free integrated development environment, or IDE, designed for Windows that can be downloaded from the creator’s website. The simple design is tough for some newcomers but not taxing on computers. Dev-C++ can be used as a baseline for students and even professionals.


Dev-C++ provides many of the same features that other IDE software programs provide. This includes debugging, customizable code editing, and templates for use with creating software. The design of the user interface is outdated, but codes created through this are simple. Also, due to its uncomplicated nature, students being taught to use the software will have an easier time acclimating.


The same simplicity that makes the software more manageable for students and professionals makes it almost impossible for others. Self-taught coders or hobbyists will find the sink-or-swim nature of Dev-C++ to be difficult to manage as they continue learning.

Dev-C++ software does not offer anything special. In terms of coding, the software has less to offer with uses that have experience with other apps with more unique tools or assets. Dev-C++ also doesn’t have complete compatibility with other services, making it taxing to switch between two programs without breaking your code.

Dev-C++ is also considered obsolete by many developers, some even going as far to call the software ‘ancient.’ Quite simply, the competition provides superior options that aren’t as cumbersome to pick up and use.


There’s a massive amount of competition for Dev-C++, but the main two are CodeBlock and Visual C++. These two apps are almost identical in terms of function and style. They are so similar that it can be challenging to tell them apart. 

Visual C++, on the other hand, is more unique. Visual C++ is a coding software tailored to work with Windows and Microsoft compatibility in mind. The coding software also provides specialty gear used by Microsoft. This makes it basically incompatible with the Dev-C++ IDE due to it lacking these features.

Our take

Dev-C++ is an antique software yet overly complex to its core. Developers have considered it obsolete compared to its competition. That said, the Windows software version is still useful for being taught how to do basic coding, which can open the door to more complex code.

Should you download it?

No. There are more current options.


  • Open-ended


  • Simple yet difficult to grasp
  • No guidelines
  • Obsolete

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Dev-C++for Windows


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