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Monect PC Remote - For gaming and work

Monect PC Remote is a simple tool that lets you control your computer from your phone. This free software from Monect makes it easy to link your PC to an Android or iOS device. You can use this app for work or fun on your Windows PC.

Nifty features

Monect PC Remote is packed with features that make it super useful:

  • Enhanced Gaming: Play your PC games with customizable controls. Adjust button layouts and utilize your device's sensors to tailor your gaming experience precisely to your liking.
  • Real-time Screen and Camera Sharing: Effortlessly share your PC's screen and camera feed with your mobile device. It feels like holding your PC right in your palm, providing a unique way to engage with your content remotely.
  • Multi-Display Capabilities: Increase your productivity by adding up to four virtual displays to your PC setup. This feature is perfect for multitasking and managing multiple applications simultaneously.
  • Digital Artistry: Transform your smartphone or tablet into a powerful graphic drawing tool. With support for pressure-sensitive stylus pens, unleash your creativity in applications like Adobe Photoshop®.
  • Effortless File Transfer: Move files smoothly between your PC and mobile device, ensuring that you always have access to your important documents and media, wherever you are.
  • Top-Notch Security: Security is a priority with 256 Bit AES Session Encoding, ensuring that every connection is protected against unauthorized access.

How do I use this app?

Starting with Monect PC Remote is easy. Here's what to do:

  1. Installation: Download the Monect PC Remote software on your PC and the app on your phone.
  2. Connect Your Device: Choose how to connect your devices based on what's easiest for you:
    1. Local Wi-Fi: Use this when your phone and PC are on the same Wi-Fi.
    2. Remote Wi-Fi: Connect from different places using the internet.
    3. USB Tethering: Connect with a USB cable for a steady link.
    4. Wi-Fi Hotspot: Use your phone’s hotspot to connect.
    5. Bluetooth: Connect without wires using Bluetooth.

Once you're connected, you can start using all the cool features of Monect PC Remote. Whether you need more screens for work, want to play games, or just move files around, this app makes it all simple.


  • Both for gaming and work
  • Supports Windows, iOS and Android
  • Very useful


  • Needs two apps, PC and smartphone
  • Annoying pop ups on free version

Program available in other languages

Monect PC Remotefor Windows


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