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MSWLogo programming language

‘Logo’ is a Windows programming language created in 1967 at the MIT Artificial Intelligence laboratory by Wallace Feurzeig and a selected MIT team. The project grew at MIT and branched to other research sites in Austria, Scotland, Tasmania, and Edingburgh. MSWLogo programming languages are of LISP dialect designed as a learning tool for beginners or children; it lets you create multimedia presentations, develops simulations and games. 

There are many Logo programming languages, like MSWLogo, FMSLogo, and UCBLogo (created by Professor Brian Harvey, UC Berkeley, and his students). ‘Logo’ is generally used to interpret language. Yet, there are those who used it to compile code. MSWLogo, FMSLogo, and UCBLogo are all free apps. 

Programming made simpler

Logo programming is a great way to teach kids about programming. With all the charts and graphs as main applications, some would say this is very boring. But MSWLogo can be fun, as it lets you create and develop programs and games for Windows.

MSWLogo is easy to use. There are tutorials and tons of video guides to help you understand and use the app. Learning is so easy that you will be able to create graphs and squares in no time. Yet, MSWLogo is limited and rarely used. So it’s not for those who want to make a career out of programming.

The advancements of programming

There is a long list of programming languages, so let’s discuss the main three in this article (MSWLogo, FMSLogo, and UCBLogo). The logo language itself is quite advanced, but what about these three? 

FMSLogo by David Costanza, an updated version of MSWLogo’ which George Mills designed, is a multimedia-enhanced version of UCBLogo.  Shockingly, there’s a fourth edition, and maybe even more, it’s aUCBLogo, a rewrite of UCBLogo by Andreas Micheler. Like everything in the world of technology, nothing stays the same. 

Our take

MSWLogo is a great product. However, the best option would be to get all three versions of Brian Harvey’s Computer science logo styles in all the information.  

Should you download it?

Yes. If you a beginner or would like to teach a child, then MSWLogo is perfect for you. However, for advanced learning, get Brian Harvey’s books. Either way, you will gain excellent knowledge. 


  • Simple and straightforward interface
  • There are a lot of helpful tutorials and videos
  • Easy to use, learn with, and understand
  • Free to use


  • MSWLogo is limited and rarely used

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