Postman (Chrome Extension)for Windows



Postman is a program that offers API’s developers many features to make their work easier and quicker. Test your own on others APIs, find bugs, save your API’s history, and much more.

Developing APIs made easy

Speed up your developing time and find bugs early in the development stage by using this tool.

Postman is a free program that makes developing API’s a lot easier. It offers many features and options, taking into consideration the developer’s requirements.

It is available through a direct download, or get the app and Chrome extension. However you decide to get this program, you’ll find Postman to be quite a useful product.

This is a tool for working with API’s, so if you’re doing some server-side coding and you want to do testing to make sure that the pages you’re writing are working properly, use Postman to do the testing.

Postman is an ideal easy-to-use tool if you’re writing your own API. Start interacting with your back-end and get some feedback on how things are going. You can even test if your API is working the way you expect it, check different parameters, authentication methods, setting headers, cookies, and more.

You can also speed up your developing time and find bugs early in the development stage by using this tool. Forget about building the client-side or writing front-end codes!

You can still use Postman even if you’re not building the API yourself and, instead, using a third-party API in your application. With this program, you’ll understand how that API is performing on your app, check what information is available, how to interact with it, and more; you can do all this without writing any code.

Where can you run this program?

Postman runs on Windows, MacOS, Chrome, and Linux.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Postman is a very powerful and easy to use application for anyone that works with API programming.

Our take

Postman gives you every tool you need to make developing APIs very simple. It immediately reduces the working time and helps you test your codes so that they are perfect for primetime.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re working on an API, it will seriously reduce the hard work. With its simplicity and many features it offers, it is the best developer tool you will find.

Postman (Chrome Extension)for Windows


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