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Free remote access tool

Ammyy Admin is a free remote access tool that allows you to access a linked computer from anywhere. The software has a variety of useful features available to you while connecting to another PC. All you need to start using the application is one small file.

Remote computer access

Ammyy Admin is software that provides remote computer access. This utility allows you to connect to another computer using a unique code. Once connected, you can control the computer and access the software.

There’s no distance limit for connecting to different computers. Options available, aside from remote control include: rebooting the computer, shutting it down, logging in or out of a user profile, and switching the currently logged-in account.

No installation

Ammyy Admin requires no massive installation of large gigabytes of software onto your PC. The only file needed to download is smaller than a megabyte and finishes downloading in seconds. Once you download this file, you’re able to access other computers using their unique IDs. The app is ready to use after the quick download and requires no adjustments to the settings.


Ammyy Admin is a secure application without any viruses. However, if you’re not careful with this application, you may allow a hacker access to your PC. In this scenario, you’re likely to lose sensitive information and damage your computer. However, the application has various safeguards against this unwanted access. The software uses a detailed set of data encryption. 

Voice chat

Ammyy Admin includes a built-in voice chat feature that lets you talk with the person you’re connected with. This feature is similar to popular communication apps but also features a file manager. This variety of extra features allows Ammyy Admin to play a diverse role at any event.

Our take

Ammyy Admin is a decent choice for remotely accessing your computer or helping a friend with technical problems. The app is handy and can function without any installation. Alternative apps that provide similar features include TeamViewer and AnyDesk

Should you download it?

Yes. If you need to remotely access a computer, this software is a great choice.


  • No installation required
  • Secure
  • Built-in voice chat
  • Control computers from afar


  • Potential to be hacked

Program available in other languages

Ammyy Adminfor Windows


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