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Free hosted VPN solution

LogMeIn Hamachi is a free virtual private network service that lets you connect multiple networks together. Hamachi uses AES 256-bit encryption to secure your confidential information in a virtual tunnel during connections. Hamachi lets you bypass firewalls and network routers. The free plan lets you connect to five devices, while the paid packages provide you more connections.

OpenVPN, TeamViewer, and ZeroTier are similar products to LogMeIn Hamachi that give you virtual network control. The applications are used by remote teams to connect devices together on a safe network. All the applications are available for free.

Is LogMeIn Hamachi safe?

LogMeIn Hamachi will safely encrypt your private data with military-grade encryption through a tunneling protocol. While Hamachi delivers a thorough encryption service, the privacy policy terms are not as secure. LogMeIn will collect your sensitive data to use for various purposes including marketing. Information like your IP address is collected. Free VPN services often compromise your security for monetary gains.

Is LogMeIn Hamachi free?

LogMeIn Hamachi is free to use. While the free plan does not expire, the rest of the subscriptions need to be paid yearly. You can conveniently upgrade the free package to the premium versions at any time. The LogMeIn Hamachi download is available for Apple Mac, Linux, and Microsoft Windows PC operating systems. The developers keep Hamachi up to date with frequent software updates.

What is LogMeIn Hamachi used for?

LogMeIn Hamachi can create on-demand VPNs over the web for devices to connect to networks. It lets you manage your connections with the available service Gateway virtual networking. With this service, one computer will be the dedicated gateway that the other computers have access to. You can establish a centralized entrance to let people access your local area network or private network.

The hub-and-spoke model makes certain computers the hubs, while the rest of the devices are the spokes. Hub and spoke virtual networking lets you specify certain computers that users have access to. 

The mesh network feature is used to let every remote computer in the network connect to one another. The mesh network type can be compared to a spiderweb.

Hamachi is a popular application for gamers. Gamers use Hamachi to create gaming servers that emulate a LAN. LogMeIn Hamachi protects you from DDoS cyberattacks. The DDoS protection is a valuable feature for competitive gamers and streamers to make sure their sessions are not interrupted.

LogMeIn Hamachi is used by professional teams that work remotely. The software lets you work closely with distributed teams on emulated LANs. You can remotely deploy software to computers. Hamachi lets you troubleshoot issues without needing to be onsite.

How to use LogMeIn Hamachi

The user interface is simple to use. You can expand the ‘Networks’ tab in the left panel to add a new network by clicking on ‘My Networks’. The first step lets you name your network and also have an option to give your network a description. Three network types are available to choose from Mesh, Hub-and-spoke, and Gateway.

Next, choose how you want to respond to join requests. You can automatically accept or manually approve the requests instead. An additional option will only let members be added on the web. You can set a password for people to join.

There's a subscription section that allows you to upgrade your plan. You can also add clients once the network is established. Three client choices are available to choose from are local, remote, or mobile device to connect to.

Our take

LogMeIn Hamachi is a trusted program that lets you simulate a local area network to connect your team to. Hamachi does not include a kill switch button to conceal your identity in case a disruption happens to the encrypted connection. The VPN service is used in both personal and professional settings to create on-demand VPNs.

Should you download it?

If you need to connect two or more networks together through a virtual private network, then LogMeIn Hamachi is worth a try. Although the privacy policy is lenient, Hamachi is developed by reputable company that has not been involved in scandals.


  • Cross platform
  • Simple user interface
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Remotely deploy software
  • Connects remote computers


  • No kill switch
  • Could have tighter privacy policy

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Hamachifor Windows

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