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Guaranteed VPN performance

Whether you just want to play Minecraft with your friends or need to access files from your computer at work, Hamachi answers your network needs. This cloud-hosted professional level virtual private network application gives you the freedom to create LAN-like networks anytime, anywhere. It's packed with features that make networking several computers safe and secure. Many professionals and gamers turn to this tool for their VPN needs and there's a good reason. 

Best tool for private VPN

With the AES 256 bit encryption, this application lets you manage numerous networks without the fear of any data leaks.

While it's often mistaken as other VPN services out in the market, Hamachi is a different service. The company doesn't have global server networks for you to connect to; however, it does offer you the finest virtual private network to connect you to several computers remotely.

Gamers know Hamachi for connecting them with other players through virtual LAN. Its on-demand virtual private network service makes scenarios like this possible. No more interruptions from other players not part of the LAN group. But while of this already sounds impressive, Hamachi has more to offer.

More than a regular LAN party

Hamachi is a mesh service where you can access your other networks remotely through the company's heavily encrypted servers. It offers different app modes: Mesh, Hub and Spoke, and Gateway. Access your machines even on the go in just a few clicks. Use the application on your desktop or log in on the Hamachi website using any browser.

The desktop client is simple and easy to use. You'll find that even if you're a network newbie, you won't have any problem understanding its interface. You can share files with your colleagues securely and from a different location. No need for a technical background!

Where can you run this program?

You can download Hamachi on your Windows desktop. Just make sure you're using Windows XP 2003 or higher. The 8MB download file won't consume much storage on your computer and setting it up will work seamlessly.  Mac and Linux users may also download the software through the website; however, It does require the Mac OS 10.6 or newer on Intel-based Macs.

Is there a better alternative?

NordVPN offers top-notch virtual private network service. With military-grade encryption, it is a great VPN solution for personal and business use. It has a strict no-logging policy, making sure nobody else can track or monitor your usage and behavior. It's available on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android phone, and Android TV. You may also add it as an extension to your Chrome or Firefox browser. Sadly, NordVPN does not have a free subscription plan. Quality services come at a cost.

Wippien is an open source VPN service for your virtual LAN gaming needs. It lets you establish a direct peer-to-peer connection using the XMPP protocol to communicate with the Jabber service of your choice. Connecting with different computers remotely is as easy as adding contacts to your list. Its website offers a an extensive list of information on how to navigate through the program. Wippien provides its service to Windows and Linux users.

Our take

In terms of costs and efficacy, Hamachi is by far the best tool to create a VPN. It makes accessing servers, firewalls, and routers easy for even the less-experienced of you out there. You can share files remotely without the risk of invasion. Service is free for up to five computers and paid plans won't cost you as much.

Should you download it?

Yes. Hamachi built its reputation on efficiency and security. It delivers just what it promises, and it makes creating and managing VPNs effortless. It offers military-grade encryption as well and allows  for unlimited connections. You can easily get support over the phone or through chat, or even send your concerns via email. It's a solid choice for both gamers and professionals.


  • Free for up to 5 computers
  • Secure


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Hamachifor Windows

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