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AnyDesk: A remote access tool at its best

Have you ever gotten extremely worried after discovering that your file (which you’d worked so hard on) is still on your desktop at home and it’s your turn to present next in class?  You feel helpless in these kinds of situations. Fortunately, there are remote access utilities to handle these problems. 

If you would like to try similar apps either for your own personal use without shelling out some money, then AnyDesk is the perfect program for you! It is a free, lightweight remote access application that can help you access various files and documents on any device across multiple locations. Ready to start working anytime, anywhere?

Quick and comfy

The app claims to be the world’s fastest yet comfortable remote desktop application.

AnyDesk's key features include online collaboration, file sharing, access control, and personalized user interface. You can start using the program even without installing it. All you have to do is download and launch its super lightweight program file. Accessing your files anywhere is made easier and more secure since you don’t need to entrust your data to a cloud service.

Portable work desk

The app works with ID numbers, making establishing connections with your family, friends, colleagues, and clients simpler and quicker. You can customize your alias using random numbers after downloading the app on two or more of your devices. Enter your preferred alias (e.g. alias98@ad) on the device you want as the host that will remotely control the other ones, and press connect. Once you have accepted the remote connection request on the other devices, you’re be all set.

Enable unattended access by including passwords in the settings. You can also change permission settings from time to time and let remote users view your monitor, hear sound from your computer, control keyboard and mouse functions, and access clipboard. You can also choose to see remote users’ own cursors for better communication. You can even turn your whole screen setup into a whiteboard where you can doodle, type, or draw for better presentations. 

Here is a summary of other things you can do with the app:

  • Syncing clipboard contents across the host and remote user/s’ computers
  • Take a screen recording or screenshot while actively using the app
  • Alter connection to create the best possible balance between video quality and speed
  • Access easily various settings from the menu bar
  • Transfer files by copying it to the clipboard and pasting it to the remote computer
  • Restart remote users’ computer while the app is active in portable mode
  • Save connection shortcuts to your desktop for quick access

Upgrade your desk

Although the app is available for free download, you can upgrade its services and features by purchasing its paid versions (which are all billed annually). You can choose from Solo, Standart and Advanced bundles.

Pricing of AnyDesk

  • Solo Plan ($12.90/month, billed annually): This plan is perfect for individual users or single-person companies. It offers 1 licensed user with the ability to log in from 3 devices, 1 outgoing connection, and supports up to 100 managed devices for unattended access. Additionally, users have unlimited interactive access to devices and mobile device support, making it a cost-effective solution for solo professionals.
  • Standard Plan ($25.90/month, billed annually): Tailored for small teams, the Standard Plan includes support for 20 licensed users within a team and begins with 1 outgoing connection, which can be expanded up to 20. It allows for managing up to 500 devices for unattended access, alongside unlimited interactive access. This plan also includes standard user management, a custom client generator, and comprehensive mobile device support and management.
  • Advanced Plan ($67.90/month, billed annually): Designed for larger business needs, this plan supports 100 licensed users in a team and starts with 2 concurrent connections, expandable to 50. It can manage up to 1000 devices for unattended access and provides unlimited interactive access. Additional features include advanced user management, custom client generator, command line interface, mass deployment options, group policies, and phone support, making it an extensive solution for advanced business requirements.

Where can you run this program?

The app works perfectly with Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS, Linux, FreeBSD, and Raspberry Pi.  It is also available for Android and iOS mobile phones. 

Is AnyDesk secure?

AnyDesk ensures robust security for your remote sessions through end-to-end encryption, effectively safeguarding against unauthorized network access. 

Enhancing this security is the provision for two-factor authentication, introducing an additional safeguard layer. 

It also offers the functionality to create a whitelist, allowing you to specify which devices can access your computer. In addition to these features, AnyDesk provides the flexibility to customize the extent of control available to remote users, ensuring that you maintain command over what actions can be performed remotely on your system. This comprehensive approach to security makes AnyDesk a reliable choice for remote desktop access.

Customer service options

AnyDesk offers a comprehensive support system, primarily focused on email-based assistance rather than direct phone support. The support structure is further strengthened by a wealth of online resources available on their website, catering to a wide range of queries and informational needs. 

Additionally, users have the option to submit support tickets for specific issues or questions, ensuring personalized assistance. Complementing these formal support channels, AnyDesk maintains a robust presence on social media platforms. This not only serves as a source for general information but also provides valuable tips, tricks, and workarounds, enhancing the overall user support experience.

Is there a better alternative?  

AnyDesk is the best option for lightweight remote access because of its incredible speed in terms of graphical performance metrics and responsiveness. Despite its small file size, the app offers key features such as chatbox for client use, file transfer, and connection to multiple hosts. Unfortunately, its limitations per compatibility put the app at a disadvantage versus its most popular competition, TeamViewer

This latter app does not only deliver fast performance but also supports a huge number of OS. Its security features are also unparalleled which includes two-factor authentication, whitelist, and blacklist of allowed/restricted users, and screen lock after minutes of inactivity. The only downside of this app is the notable difference  of rates when compared to those of AnyDesk.

Our take

The app’s key features are all indispensable and can be used for both personal and business purposes. It may take a while for you to master its unusual interface but you'll love it once you customize it according to your personal tastes. Its premium bundles undoubtedly serve all the best features from the app’s largest competitors but at a more reasonable price. 

Should you download it?

Yes, but only if you’re intending to use it on your desktops or laptops. The app is not as appealing for mobile devices given its poor performance there. You can download the app’s free version first to test out the program, explore its features, master its interface, and discover if it really suits your personal and/or business’s goals.


  • Small download size
  • Freemium features
  • Personalized interface
  • Allows chat communication


  • Poor mobile service
  • Hard to master
  • Interesting features only available in paid version

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

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