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Monitor and control compatible Corsair products

Corsair Link is a powerful system monitoring tool that controls various aspects of Corsair products. The program automatically identifies and monitors compatible system sensors, such as fan speed, CPU temperature, etc. You can use this information to configure user-specific profiles. Moreover, the system performance monitor helps you understand the issues with different components of your Windows PC. When it comes to AX1600i, the software completely monitors output and input of the power supply and lists important details about other hardware aspects.

Robust software for monitoring system sensors

Simply put, Corsair Link download controls and tracks different aspects of the PC’s hardware. The only requirement is that the parts need to be compatible with the tool. 

While the program comes with a simple interface, it’s intended for experienced users. The interactive main window gives details about the ambient and coolant temperatures, fan speed, CPU performance, etc. The latest version comes with bug fixes, support for the original commander unit, and other new functionalities.

What features are there?

Unlike Smart Driver Care, Wireshark, Nmap, and other similar tools, the popular hardware monitor offers multiple configuration options. This way, you can easily change how the tool behaves for each component of your PC. For instance, the most useful configuration option lets you adjust the PC’s temperature by selecting a pre-programmed mode.

On compatible hardware, Corsair Link efficiently controls RGB lighting, which is one of the most powerful customization options in a Windows 10 computer. Some of the components in the tool have LEDs, which makes it easier to shift colors. The LEDs even change color in response to the system’s temperature.

From the ‘System Panel’, you can get a clear overview of the different components in the PC, including Corsair compatible hardware. It also gives information about the temperatures for major components, such as graphics card, hard drives, CPU, fan speed, etc. Since the icons are easily movable, you can use the drag-and-drop mechanism to change their location on the screen.

The system monitor has a fan icon, which lets you configure a customized fan speed curve. This feature helps map to specific activities in pre-defined groups. Additionally, RGB LED strips attach to Corsair Lighting Nodes or Link Mini, H100i and H80i coolers, and Dominator Airflow Platinum. As mentioned earlier, the Corsair Link download lets you change lighting depending on a specific temperature set in a group.

Are there any advanced features?

The leading system performance monitor lets you assign LEDs and fans to multiple temperature readouts. You can do this from the ‘Groups’ panel. It gives you some reference for the fan curve, often dependent on temperature, or RGB settings.

From the ‘Graph’ tab, you can select and graph fan speeds and temperatures being monitored by the program in real-time. The software lets you choose any of the fans or temperature inputs to be graphed.

The ‘Options’ panel has multiple tabs so you can configure the hardware monitor, update firmware, set up email alerts, choose compatible hardware, and log different kinds of variables being controlled or monitored.

The ‘Power’ tab is the right place to find important information about the PC’s power supply consumption, temperature, load, fan speed, efficiency, etc. You can easily disable or enable ‘Over-Current Protection’. In the Axi series, this feature also lets you configure the important cut-off points for specific protection.

The hassle-free system monitor lets you configure the fan to run at 100% efficiency. You only need to select the correct PWM% for the fan. While the minimum available option is 40%, the program automatically increases the speed whenever the PSU gets too hot.

The only drawback of the program is its lack of some advanced components. Also, it needs a steep learning curve. You'll need to have some knowledge of Corsair products. For basic usage and system monitoring, the software doesn’t disappoint.

Our take

Corsair Link download is a useful program for controlling and monitoring certain parameters of Corsair products. These include DRAM, CPU coolers, and PSU. If your Windows PC runs on multiple Corsair-compatible hardware components, this tool will be an excellent choice.

Should you download it?

The system performance monitor gives you an instant summary of overall machine performance and lets you monitor various hardware components. Moreover, the program automatically cools the system and ensures higher efficiency. The simple interface allows for easy navigation, and monitoring is simple. If you’ve been looking to improve your computer’s speed and performance, go ahead and download Corsair Link.


  • Offers multiple customization options
  • Manages system’s fan speed
  • Ensures easy configuration
  • Controls RGB lighting


  • Not an ideal choice for beginners

Program available in other languages

Corsair Linkfor Windows

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