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MAMP is a local server environment that is free to use. The application is small, and you can set it up within minutes without damaging any existing files or programs on your computer. The utility has all the tools you need to run WordPress on your computer for testing and development purposes.

Local server environment

MAMP is a great free local server environment that has many useful features available after its installation. The tool lets you work on your website without saving the changes directly to it. You can test your code before the data syncs to your site, and possibly breaking a critical feature.

The app readily gives you many useful tools that you can use to run a WordPress server on your Windows computer. You can start coding after the few short moments needed to install the application. 

Cloud syncing

MAMP Cloud is a useful tool that lets you back up and saves your data and information, allowing you quick access should anything happen to the files. The software can back up all of your information with just one click. 

However, this is an add-on feature that comes with MAMP Pro, or you can purchase it separately for the free version. The Cloud tool works for both versions of MAMP.

Multiple development languages supported

MAMP’s core components are the ones that make up its abbreviation. Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, as well as PHP, form this. However, the application uses more than just these options for your local server environment.

You can choose to use Nginx in place of Apache, the leading HTTP server. You can also choose to use Ruby, Python, and Perl instead of a popular web development language such as PHP. This aspect provides great utility as Python is an easy-to-learn language that others already use for many projects.

Our take

MAMP is a fantastic LSE, supporting multiple development languages. It’s a great option if you can’t afford MAMP Pro’s extra tools, and it has more usability than its other alternative, XAMPP. As the application functions on almost any device, you can quickly take a project on the go with the added cloud feature.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you need a robust free local server environment, this application is an ideal choice.


  • Cloud sync feature
  • Supports multiple development languages


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