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No need for multiple receivers, go for Unifying

The limitation of one receiver per mouse or keyboard can be a pain if you commute between work and home frequently. Logitech Unifying Software solves this. This means you would have to remove your home receivers when finished and place your office ones in upon getting to work. 

The Unifying software from Logitech is trying to address this problem. This article will examine how they are doing just that.

Logitech Unifying Software’s basic capabilities

Unifying allows you to connect six mice and keyboards into its one little USB receiver. Pairing this many devices is handy if you use more than one of either. 

It also means you only have to travel with the receiver as long as your Logitech keyboards and mice are in different locations, such as work and home.

How do I pair my Logitech Unifying Receiver?

To pair a Logitech Unifying Receiver with your Logitech devices, follow these steps:

  • Plug the receiver into an available USB port on your computer.
  • Ensure your Logitech device (e.g., wireless mouse or keyboard) is turned on and ready for pairing. Locate the "Connect" or "Pair" button on the device (usually on the bottom) and press and hold it to activate pairing mode.
  • On the Logitech Unifying Receiver, press its "Connect" or "Pair" button. Both the device and the receiver will enter pairing mode, and their LED lights may blink.
  • Wait for the devices to establish a connection. The LED lights on both the device and the receiver should stop blinking and remain solid, indicating a successful pairing.
  • Test your Logitech device to ensure it's functioning correctly. Move the mouse or type on the keyboard to verify that the wireless connection is working.

Your Logitech device is now wirelessly connected to your computer via the Logitech Unifying Receiver. This process allows you to use multiple Logitech devices through a single receiver, simplifying your setup and saving USB ports.

Which is better Unifying receiver or Bluetooth?

  • The Logitech Unifying Receiver offers a dedicated and reliable wireless connection for Logitech devices. It stands out for its ability to connect multiple Logitech peripherals, such as a mouse, keyboard, and number pad, to a single receiver, making it suitable for users with limited USB ports. This proprietary technology is compatible with Logitech devices supporting the Unifying technology and often consumes less power than Bluetooth, thus extending battery life. However, it's proprietary to Logitech, limiting its compatibility to Logitech peripherals, and may have a slightly more limited range compared to Bluetooth. Additionally, it requires a USB port on your computer.
  • Bluetooth is a standardized wireless technology with universal compatibility, supporting a wide range of devices beyond Logitech peripherals, including smartphones, tablets, and various accessories. One of its key advantages is that it's typically built into modern computers and devices, eliminating the need for additional hardware like a receiver or dongle. Bluetooth also offers an extended effective range compared to some older Logitech wireless technologies. However, Bluetooth connections typically support only one peripheral at a time, which can be limiting if you need to connect multiple devices simultaneously. Bluetooth pairing and setup can also be more complex, particularly when connecting to several devices. Additionally, there is a potential for interference from other nearby Bluetooth devices.

Addressing Unifying’s limitations

Unifying is limited to Logitech products, so unfortunately it has no impact on Windows or Apple computers. 

Besides this drawback, as well as the limitation of only six pieces of hardware per Unifying receiver, some Logitech hardware is incapable of running Unifying. You should check if the device is Unifying compatible by looking for Unifying’s orange logo. 

Unifying provides an impressive connection distance of up to ten meters.

If you lose your receiver, you can reconnect to another Unifying receiver. Having spare receivers is a good idea.

Is Unifying right for you?

This is a product designed for a very specific type of Logitech user, which may or may not be you. It’s similar to the Samsung USB Driver that’s only applicable to mobile devices.

To qualify, not only would you have to be a Logitech consumer, but you would also have to be comfortable with having a lot of hardware as a part of your daily routine. If you are a Logitech user but do not need multiple keyboards or mice, then Unifying may not be the system for you. 

You could try it out. However, as a single mouse or keyboard user, it may be more troublesome than the setup you are accustomed to. 

Unifying is not designed to get a customer who is comfortable with a laptop’s mouse pad and keyboard into using an external mouse or keyboard, let alone several.


  • Multiple device support
  • Reliable Logitech connection
  • Efficient power usage
  • Reduced USB clutter


  • Limited to Logitech devices
  • Requires USB port

Logitech Unifying Softwarefor Windows


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