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Make math come true

This program is for specialists in math, science and linguistics, who want to test and run various equations and probabilities. It offers visualizations and experiments, along with a library of equations and solutions.

When math comes alive

With this software you test probabilities on math and science problems, analyse cryptography and audio, and create visualizations, all in one program.

Through Mathematica you can run equations and generate coding for a wide range of computer programs. The software enables you to trial different combinations and save the ones you want to keep.

You can browse the numerous libraries that Mathematica offers and find solutions to problems, as well as mathematical elementary functions. Each area of the program has its own library of functionalities and tools to inspire your work.

With the help of its audio tools you measure sound files that are easily imported and converted from any audio file type. The software allows you to analyse audio in depth and edit it.

You construct your own visualizations from your coding and equations. The program supports 2D and 3D animations and graphics, so you can envision your work more vividly. All of your creations can be exported to the Notebook and used in presentations or teaching.

The only downside to Mathematica is that it can overcomplicate simple equations. However, it is a good place to trial and check equations before using them, and solutions are always available in the libraries.

Where can you run this program?

Mathematica is only available on desktop. It runs on all versions of Windows, Linux and macOS.

Is there a better alternative?

No, you won’t find a better alternative to this software. It contains a numerous amount of tools for all of your mathematical, scientific and linguistic needs. If you want a more basic program for easier use, try Maple, which offers similar but limited features.

Our take

This program is an exceptional tool for specialists, as it offers a wide range of features. It assists with coding and problem solving, and also puts everything neatly into graphics.

Should you download it?

Yes. Mathematica opens up a world of experiments and analysing, and lets you visualize complicated concepts.


  • Library of mathematics equations
  • Complex arithmetic
  • 2D and 3D geometric visualization
  • Tools for audio and letter processing


  • Overcomplicates simple calculations
  • Forum support is unresponsive
  • Official support seems cold

Program available in other languages

Mathematicafor Windows


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