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Simplify your writing down to a pat

Quality suffers when you write too much and convey too little. Writers often feel like they have to choose between brevity and command. Truth is, you don’t have to pick just one. With Hemingway App, you can end your writing woes and receive impressed “Woahs!” from your readers instead.

Unsure about your writing?

Gain more confidence in writing with this trusty editor

Simply copy and paste what your wrote onto the website and receive assistance. The system designed for military use approximates your work’s simplicity. The ratio of characters and sentences in a paragraph is kept in mind by Hemingway App.

It evaluates your writing by gauging the educational attainment of people who can comprehend it. Typically, complex sentences are deemed readable by people in the postgraduate level. 

Writers who tend to create long sentences know that a single word can make what you wrote difficult to understand. The app helps you break sentences up into more manageable pieces. Run-on or hard to read sentences will be highlighted with the color red or yellow, depending on the difficulty. 

The North Carolina-based brothers, Ben and Adam Long, named their app after Ernest Hemingway—a renowned American writer known for a minimalist writing style. 

In an effort to simplify writing, this editor was developed to judge your work’s clarity using the Automated Readability Index (ARI). 

Encouraging writers to follow best practices. 

Other phrases that can be written in a less complex manner will be highlighted with purple. Hemingway app will give you more common words you can use as a substitute.

It will also advise you against using adverbs by highlighting them with blue. Sentences in passive voices are tinted with green. The highlights will disappear once you have taken the necessary actions to write straightforward copy.

Keep track of your manuscript’s length on the same page. Letter, character, and word count, as well as reading time, are tallied by the app. This feature is helpful for speechwriters. 

Content writers aren’t taken for granted by the page, too. You can also format text here. Italicize, turn text to bold and use other layouts on your text. Writers can format text from headings one to three.

Where can you run this program?

You can use this on both Windows and Mac for $19.99 bucks and get access to additional features. Or run it for free by loading the website on any browser of your choice.

Is there a better alternative?

Grammarly is a Chrome extension which is good for grammar and plagiarism checking. It also offers a premium plan for sending more in-depth reviews of your writing.

Our take

Overall, the app is good for catching yourself writing unwanted run-on sentences. Still, complex sentences are still good for something. They aid readers in following complex concepts and logic through text.

Should you download it?

Yes, Get this app and write more approachable content now.


  • Good for school essays
  • Offers word suggestions
  • Has a built-in word counter


  • Can over simplify write-ups
  • Disregards the importance of adverbs
  • Functions aren’t compatible with all types of writing

Program available in other languages

Hemingway Editorfor Windows


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