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Hotstar: Special streaming service for India

Hotstar emerges as a dedicated app, offering a wealth of India's cherished entertainment at no cost. With live sports and the latest episodes of hit TV shows, the app is more than just a streaming service; it's a gateway to diverse entertainment. Despite the competition in various global markets, Hotstar stands out with its unique offerings.

What is Hotstar?

Disney+ Hotstar, a brainchild of Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited and a part of Star India Private Limited, is revolutionizing the online video streaming experience. Boasting a staggering 100,000 hours of TV content and movies in 9 languages, it also offers comprehensive coverage of major sports events live. The platform's advanced video streaming technology, coupled with an unwavering commitment to user experience across different devices and platforms, cements Disney+ Hotstar as a leading destination for OTT video consumers.

Features of Hotstar

Hotstar is not just a streaming platform; it's a finely-tuned entertainment experience that caters to diverse preferences and tech environments.

  • Seamless video playback: The cornerstone of Hotstar's appeal lies in its adaptive video streaming technology. This tech marvel adjusts the video quality automatically based on the available bandwidth, ensuring an optimal viewing experience whether you're on a fluctuating mobile network or a stable WiFi connection. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, there's the option to manually select video quality, tailoring the viewing experience to individual tastes.
  • Smart search: Finding content on Disney+ Hotstar is a breeze, thanks to its optimized search functionality. This feature reduces complexity and speeds up access to content. With accurate search results and lightning-fast autocomplete suggestions, users can navigate to their desired video with minimal fuss, making the experience smooth and user-friendly.
  • Friendly user interface: The layout and organization of content on Disney+ Hotstar have been crafted with a keen understanding of user experience. This approach, coupled with strong design principles, ensures that users are never overwhelmed by the extensive array of content. The blend of algorithms and human curation means that the more you interact with the platform, the more personalized your content discovery becomes.
  • Hot content catalogue: Disney+ Hotstar boasts a vast and varied content library, encompassing the latest TV shows, movies, and knowledge-based content from both India and around the globe. Available in 8 languages and spanning 15 TV channels, it’s the go-to source for some of the highest-rated and longest-running TV shows in the country. The platform's collection of top-tier Indian cinema makes it the favored destination for blockbuster Bollywood and regional films.
  • Originals: In its commitment to fostering deep connections with its audience, Disney+ Hotstar has made significant strides in producing original content. Tailoring its offerings to reflect the sentiments and attitudes of its viewers, the platform has seen considerable success with original programs like On Air with AIB, M Bole Toh, and One Tip One Hand. These originals not only entertain but also resonate on a personal level with the audience, further elevating the Hotstar experience.

Does Hotstar work on VPN?

Utilizing a VPN with Disney+ Hotstar presents a challenge. The platform's content varies regionally, and VPNs mask your actual location, leading to potential access issues. Consequently, you might find yourself unable to stream or download certain movies and TV shows when connected through VPNs, proxies, or unblocker services. This limitation is in place to maintain the integrity of regional content distribution.

Why Hotstar is not working in Europe?

Disney+ Hotstar, while a staple in the Indian streaming landscape, faces geographical limitations that restrict its availability in many countries, including most of Europe. Despite Disney Plus being accessible in numerous countries globally, Disney+ Hotstar's service is specifically tailored and available only in select regions like India, the UK, and Indonesia. These regional constraints are primarily due to licensing agreements and content distribution policies.

What is the price of Hotstar subscription in 2023?

In 2023, Disney+ Hotstar continues to offer exceptional value with its annual subscription package priced at just Rs. 1,499. This package grants subscribers unfettered access to an extensive range of content, encompassing movies, sports, news, and exclusive original series. At such an attractive price point, it provides an economical way to enjoy a diverse entertainment library.

Best Hotstar alternatives

Exploring alternatives to Hotstar leads to a diverse array of streaming platforms, each with its unique offerings. 

Netflix is a global giant, renowned for its vast collection of movies, TV shows, and critically acclaimed originals, catering to a wide range of tastes. 

Amazon Prime Video, another major player, combines a rich selection of entertainment with the added perks of Amazon Prime, like free shipping. 

For those leaning towards Indian content, SonyLIV offers an array of TV shows, movies, and live sports, including popular cricket matches. Voot stands out with its selection of Viacom's channels, Bollywood movies, and original programming, especially appealing to fans of Hindi-language content. 

Disney+ is the dream destination for fans of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic, offering a family-friendly library along with blockbuster films. 

Lastly, Hulu provides a comprehensive mix of current TV episodes, movies, and unique originals, ideal for those looking to stay updated with the latest in entertainment. Each platform, with its distinct focus and content library, offers a varied streaming experience for different viewer preferences.

Should I download Hotstar?

Considering the comprehensive content catalog, user-friendly interface, and affordable subscription model, downloading Hotstar is a wise decision for anyone seeking quality entertainment. It's particularly compelling if you're interested in a wide variety of programming, including live sports, top TV shows, and exclusive original content, especially catered to Indian and select international audiences. The platform's commitment to quality streaming and personalized user experience makes it a top contender in the streaming service arena.


  • Free
  • Live sports streaming
  • Diverse content library
  • Affordable subscription


  • Intrusive ads
  • Dysfunctional layout
  • Limited area of use
  • Limited global content

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